Growth rate and its variability in erect Antarctic bryozoans

first_imgClimate is altering rapidly in parts of the Arctic and Antarctic but we know little about how marine organisms are responding to, or might respond to such changes. Knowledge of within-taxon variability is the vital context (currently missing) to interpretation of environmental signals. We investigated growth in six species and three genera of erect Antarctic bryozoans, an ideal model taxon to investigate such response. Cellarinella margueritae, C. nodulata, C. rogickae, C. watersi, Melicerita obliqua and Stomhypselosaria watersi, extended 3.4, 5.2, 4.6, 4.1, 4.9 and 4.5 mm year−1 and synthesised 24, 55, 45, 176, 34 and 46 mg CaCO3 year−1, respectively. The maximum ages of these species ranged from 11 to 15 years except M. obliqua, which reached 32 years. This is the first investigation of growth rates of closely related Antarctic invertebrate species and reports the slowest growth rates of bryozoans known from anywhere to date. Our data coupled with that from literature shows that Antarctic bryozoan growth varies <<101 between species, 101 between genera, 102 between morphologies and is ∼101 slower than in tropical or temperate regions. However, within encrusting types the slowest growing species grow at similar rates from poles to tropics. Age was a strong confounding factor across our Antarctic study species but age-standardised data showed a possible decline in annual growth from 1992 to 2003. We identify several factors increasing this environmental signal strength, including (1) the importance of generic (though not necessarily species) identification and (2) use of dry-mass or ash-free dry-mass as the measures of growth.last_img read more

Broward man charged for killing peeping tom outside girlfriend’s home

first_imgA Florida man was charged with manslaughter for fatally beating a peeping tom who had been watching him, and his girlfriend have sex through a window.Victor Vickery was charged Thursday in connection with the July 2018 death of 57-year-old Assad Akar.The 30-year-old and his girlfriend were in bed at her house when they heard a sound, which they’ve reportedly heard before.Vickery went outside and found Akar, who had a criminal record for peeping.Shortly after, a fight ensued, and Vickery’s girlfriend called 911.Vickery told Fort Lauderdale police that he punched and kicked Akar “a few times” in response to being attacked.Akar died at the hospital later that evening.Vickery is currently in jail on a $100,000 bond.He is also charged with sexual battery in a separate incident that occurred a month after Akar’s death.last_img read more

Dance teacher who exposed teen to HIV pleads guilty to statutory rape

first_imgA dance teacher from Tennessee has plead guilty to statutory rape and exposing a teen to HIV after he had unprotected sex with the teen on several occasions and failed to inform the teen of his HIV positive status.John Conner III appeared in court earlier this week where he plead guilty to felony charges of criminal exposure to HIV, statutory rape by an authority figure, and solicitation of a minor.According to the report, Conner who was 26 at the time, engaged in a sexual relationship with a 16-year-old boy he met online in 2015. Despite being diagnosed with HIV in 2012, Conner failed to inform the teen of his sexual status and had unprotected sex with the teen on several occasions in his vehicle.The teen eventually joined Conner’s dance team, the Infamous Dancerettes, which were featured on the the Lifetime reality TV dance show “Bring It.”During the teen’s time on the dance team, he and Conner continued to send each other explicit photos, and speak about their sexual exploits.In August of 2016, the teen found out Conner’s sexual status and informed his parents of his relationship with the teacher and so they could take him to get tested.According to prosecutors, the teen tested positive for HIV.Officials say Conner has two similar cases pending.last_img read more

VIDEO: Truck crashes through Florida airport

first_imgEarly Thursday at around 2:50 a.m., a man driving a truck crashed right into a baggage carousel and car rental center at Sarasota-Bradenton International Airport.Video footage caught the incident, and it captured the truck almost hitting two employees working behind the car rental center counter.According to the Florida Highway Patrol, the man driving the truck was driving recklessly and they were trying to pull him over right before the accident. 40-year-old Juan Monsivis has previously been charged with multiple DUIs and counts of driving with his license suspended.The CEO of the airport, Rick Piccolo, said the last plane of the night landed about 20 minutes before the incident so the airport was quite. The driver was sent to the hospital with severe injuries, and the employees were not hurt.last_img read more