BiH Diaspora futsal championship starts tomorrow

first_imgTenth BiH Diaspora Futsal Championship will start tomorrow in Swedish town of Västerås in the organisation of the BiH World Diaspora Federation, reports sportsport.baThe sponsor of the championship is BIH Football Federation, and the host is Association of BiH Diaspora in Sweden.Teams from 13 countries (Germany, Austria, Italy, Slovenia, Turkey, Belgium, the Netherlands, England, Wales, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, and Norway) will participate.Futsal coordinator of BiH Football Federation Murat Jaha will attend the championship and will award the winning team.last_img

Mother Accused in Newborn Dumpster Case Wants Confession Thrown Out

first_imgThe woman accused of throwing her newborn child into a dumpster in West Boca Raton earlier this year is asking to have her confession thrown out.Rafaelle Sousa was arrested in May, when her newborn baby girl was found inside a dumpster, according to the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. She admitted to to delivering the infant, placing her in a bag, and then throwing her in the dumpster.The 35-year-old Sousa also told authorities she went back twice in order to ensure the baby was dead, but did not approach the bag because there were people in the area. The girl was returned to her father’s custody in July.Court documents show Sousa’s lawyers filed a motion to suppress her statements last Monday, claiming that her Miranda rights were not read to her properly because of a language barrier.Sousa’s lawyers explain she is from Brazil and only communicates in Portuguese. They claim that detectives “failed to give a core warning under Miranda” to Sousa, and that she was not informed what she said could be used against her in court.She has a hearing scheduled for December 19 at 3 p.m.last_img read more

Florida teacher suspended for using medical marijuana

first_imgReports say Michael Hickman was suspended from teaching after he tested positive for marijuana.Hickman is a teacher and veteran of the Marines who suffers from PTSD. Officials say he was drug tested after he was hurt from breaking up a fight at the school.Hickman said he has a prescription for medical marijuana, but the school district said he never disclosed that to them.The school will continue to pay him while he fights to keep his job.The school district has a zero tolerance policy, therefore, they fired Hickman right away.last_img

First grade teacher arrested at pushing student’s head into wall, knocking out tooth

first_imgA local first grade teacher has been arrested after she reportedly pushed a 7-year-old’s head into a wall causing one of his teeth to fall out and leaving him with a busted lip.The incident was reported at Dr. Mary McLeod Bethune Elementary School on January 28th.Police say surveillance video showed the teacher 64-year-old Cynthia Smith, walking in the hallway with students surrounding her on both sides. The victim is also seen playing with a bulletin board in the hallway. Smith then walking over to the student, puts her hands on the student’s head and neck, and then shoves the student’s head into the wall. Smith then walks away as the student is seen holding his mouth.When authorities interviewed the 7-year-old about the incident, he confirmed what was seen on the video and told authorities that Ms. Smith told him not to touch things on the wall before she shoved his face into it. The victim then says his tooth came out and there was blood in his mouth so Ms. Smith later told him to go wash his mouth out.Smith told authorities that students were trying to remove things from the wall but at no time did she touch any of them.The principal at the elementary school told authorities that the teacher has been at the school for  12 years and has at least four complaints against her pertaining to her aggressive behavior towards students.Smith was arrested on January 31st on a charge of child abuse but she has since been bonded out of jail.last_img read more