Seconds separating top 3 at Suir Valley 3-Day

first_imgDave McGowan of the British based Champion System’s squad is in the leaders Yellow Jersey.He has a slim 4 second advantage over his nearest rival Ed Laverick of JLT Rapha Condor while Ali McCauley is best of the Irish in 3rd place. The Team Asea rider is just 14 seconds off the lead.Today’s 123 kilometres stage sees the riders tackle the climbs of The Vee and Colligan with the finish on the 6 kilometres ascent of the Gravel Pit in the Nire.last_img

Broward man charged for killing peeping tom outside girlfriend’s home

first_imgA Florida man was charged with manslaughter for fatally beating a peeping tom who had been watching him, and his girlfriend have sex through a window.Victor Vickery was charged Thursday in connection with the July 2018 death of 57-year-old Assad Akar.The 30-year-old and his girlfriend were in bed at her house when they heard a sound, which they’ve reportedly heard before.Vickery went outside and found Akar, who had a criminal record for peeping.Shortly after, a fight ensued, and Vickery’s girlfriend called 911.Vickery told Fort Lauderdale police that he punched and kicked Akar “a few times” in response to being attacked.Akar died at the hospital later that evening.Vickery is currently in jail on a $100,000 bond.He is also charged with sexual battery in a separate incident that occurred a month after Akar’s death.last_img read more

Miami-Bound Flight Diverted After Passenger Fakes Medical Emergency

first_imgA woman who demanded a larger seat on an American Airlines flight last week is in custody, after she faked a medical condition that prompted the pilot to return to a Florida airport.Flight crews alerted authorities when the Miami-bound flight arrived back in Pensacola early Friday morning.A Pensacola police spokesman says the plane was evacuated because the woman refused to deplane. Authorities and the plane’s pilot were eventually able to talk the woman off the plane.According to police, the woman was taken into custody under the state’s Baker Act, which allows authorities to hold a person who could pose a threat to themselves or others.There were no injuries.The airline’s website says the flight resumed its trip to Miami at about 7:30 a.m.last_img

Florida teacher suspended for using medical marijuana

first_imgReports say Michael Hickman was suspended from teaching after he tested positive for marijuana.Hickman is a teacher and veteran of the Marines who suffers from PTSD. Officials say he was drug tested after he was hurt from breaking up a fight at the school.Hickman said he has a prescription for medical marijuana, but the school district said he never disclosed that to them.The school will continue to pay him while he fights to keep his job.The school district has a zero tolerance policy, therefore, they fired Hickman right away.last_img

Harvey Weinstein Injured After Fall at Rikers Island

first_img(New York, NY) — One time movie mogul and now convicted rapist Harvey Weinstein is reportedly not living the dream behind bars on Rikers Island, after falling and hitting his head Sunday.His spokesman says Weinstein is having a hard time walking around the jail without his walker. His spokesman says Weinstein is in one of the jail’s infirmaries, sharing a cell with two older men.The 67-year-old was ordered held without bail after being found guilty in February for raping a hair stylist and forcing himself on a production assistant. Weinstein’s sentencing his set for Wednesday, March 11th and he faces 29 years in prison after being found guilty of rape.last_img

Hubble Telescope Celebrates 15th Birthday with Stunning Images

first_imgFifteen years old this month, the Hubble Space Telescope showed off new images of the Whirlpool Galaxy and Eagle Nebula (see ESA press release).  Engineers at JPL who built the WFPC-2 (Wide Field and Planetary Camera), the camera that took most of those famous images that adorn our walls and calendars, took great satisfaction today during a slide show of famous images and astronomical discoveries that Hubble has beamed to earth.  Though built under time pressure and political pressure to save the Hubble from its original optical flaws, WFPC-2 was installed during a risky shuttle rescue operation right as planned, and has worked perfectly for 15 years – longer than any other part of the telescope.    Though Hubble usually takes the spotlight because its vision is like ours, two other space telescopes are filling in knowledge about the wings of the optical spectrum: Spitzer in the infrared, and GALEX in the ultraviolet.Hubble is a great American success story that deserves far more press coverage than the usual daily retinue of crime stories and celebrity trials.  HST has brought us not only knowledge and science, but art.  Take this occasion to tour the Hubble Site and feast your eyes on things Galileo could not have dreamt of.  Congratulations to all the Hubble team: the universe will never be the same in our eyes thanks to this wonderful true story of intelligent design.    PS: [email protected] reported the possibility that some stars may have planets made of diamond.  Tell that to your kid after she sings Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, and see if you can get a big-eyed Wow.(Visited 5 times, 1 visits today)FacebookTwitterPinterestSave分享0last_img read more

How Voice Assistant Marketing Can Future-Proof Your Brand

first_imgTrends Driving the Loyalty Marketing Industry Inna Semenyuk “Hey, Siri,” “Alexa!,” “OK, Google.” There’s a good chance you say at least one of these three names more than any other in a single day. The number of devices and uses for voice personal assistants is growing at a remarkable pace. Allied Market Research predicts the intelligent voice assistant market will grow to $3.6 billion by 2020.For marketers, this creates new challenges — and, more importantly, new opportunities. If you only ever do what worked best in the past, you will miss out on the huge market voice assistants are capturing. By testing new tools and ideas in your marketing DNA and having an open mind about the power of Siri, Alexa, and Google assistants, you can future-proof your brand and get ahead of the competition. How do you get onboard with voice assistant marketing, craft content that resonates with your customers, and does it all in a way that creates value and drives results? Use these four simple strategies to inform your voice assistant marketing: Look, Mom, No HandsAs you know, the voice assistant market is dominated by four key players: Apple with Siri, Google with Google Assistant, Amazon with Alexa, and Microsoft with Cortana. (For this article, we will focus on the top three. Sorry, Cortana.) These tools have become ingrained in our lives, but let’s take a moment to revisit their original, unique intentions.Siri was designed by Apple to be used on your iPhone (it’s available on other Apple devices, including HomePod, but that wasn’t the primary intention). It aims to deliver relevant information (Siri’s search is powered by Bing) and performs actions with your voice (for example, navigation using Apple Maps). Alexa is available on a variety of home devices and is designed to help within your home environment. It’s less about accessing information on the go and more about fitting into your normal routine. This could mean anything from creating a shopping list and ordering items via Amazon to adjusting your air conditioning using your Nest thermostat.  Google Assistant works both on mobile and on Google Home devices, learning and expanding its skills every day. Two of its strongest advantages are an advanced level of natural language processing and using semantic search — focusing on the intent rather than the direct meaning of the search phrase. While these voice assistants have a few distinctive features, they all exist to help consumers discover the high-quality, relevant information they are looking for, using only their voice. Your job, as a marketer, is not to force but rather find a way to fit seamlessly into that consumer experience.Help Me If You Can Despite their differences, voice assistants aim to help users the best way they can. But to use them effectively, it’s important to understand what ‘help’ they can provide and how that applies to branding. There are two types of responses generated by voice assistants: answers and actions. Answers include information from relevant search engines in response to questions. Depending on the query, search results, and the assistant’s capability, it will either reproduce the results with voice (Google Assistant and Alexa, I’m looking at you!) or offer a web page where you can find the answer to your question (Siri does this more often than other assistants). Action responses save you time by having the assistant perform an action for you: “Take a photograph,” “Set Nest temperature in the living room to 70 degrees,” “Play calm sleep stories,” and so on. These are just a few skills these brands’ developers have enabled on the voice assistant platforms. As voice assistants become more ingrained in our lives, new opportunities for different forms of content also arise. A recent study from National Public Radio found 29 percent of smart speaker owners use their device several times a day. It follows that users are ready for voice assistants to do more than answer questions or turn off lights. Similar to the way phones evolved to place a camera, games, and endless apps in users’ hands, voice assistants will soon provide more engaging entertainment on command.The number of voice games on Alexa is a clear example of this shift. They’re becoming so popular that in August, Amazon announced a challenge to develop game skills and awarded €50,000 to the winners. As a marketer, you can jump on this new trend to create games and quizzes — both informational and fun — for your audience to enable on voice assistants.When creating your voice assistant marketing strategy, be very clear about what result you want the assistant to generate for the user. Do you want to offer information or would you like a user to take action? Depending on that outcome, you will either need to optimize your content for voice search or develop a skill for the voice assistant of your choice (or all the assistants, if you have enough time and resources).Most importantly, remember the content delivered by a voice assistant is meant to serve the user. Your brand takes the back seat. Great marketers need to refocus on how they can create content that offers a solution to a problem. Even if your product goes hand-in-hand with the solution, achieving a sale is not the primary purpose of the content.I Hear YouOnce you know what result you want to generate, it’s important to understand the types of content that can be discovered by voice assistants.Different assistants pull data from different search engines. So the first thing you need to do is make sure you are on top of your SEO game. Voice assistants like information that is clear and concise (around twenty-nine words), relevant, and available on websites with higher domain and page authority. Remember, everything from backlinks to your domain authority impact search results. So even if you’re not envisioning a piece of content to be voice assistant-friendly, it needs to be optimized. Establishing strong SEO throughout your website bolsters the credibility of all your content. This supports your content that is aligned with voice assistant searches.To serve answers promptly, voice assistants often return “snippet” results. Snippets are the short responses that give the most pertinent information from a webpage. While the page contains more in-depth details, the voice assistant will focus on the main gist in a snippet the user can quickly absorb. This means you need to make sure your content can easily be condensed into a valuable snippet. Having clear and concise introductions in your content will help facilitate sharing via voice assistants. Assistants also use schema (metadata about data) to identify speakable content within your website. Including speakable content, tags are something you should discuss with your web developer. Voice assistants are getting smarter about search results based on the quality and relevance of these parameters every day.  When optimizing your content, there is one fundamentally important point to remember: always create your content with your users’ intents in mind. Many companies make a mistake of focusing strictly on long-tail keywords as a way to address their users’ needs (don’t get me wrong, long-tail keywords are an excellent strategy for SEO). However, what you should be focusing on are questions your users would ask their voice assistant and how your content can provide the most valuable answers. For example, a spaghetti sauce producer could create a perfectly optimized series of content about why their sauce is the best. The colorful dialogue might share authentic ingredients, the many health benefits of a Mediterranean diet, or the story of how the recipe came to America with a little Italian Nonna. While these topics could be part of a great marketing strategy, they will not be a result when a user asks Alexa how to make spaghetti. Last but not least, as voice assistants read the content they find aloud, the tone of voice of your content becomes as important as ever. Your audience should feel as though they hear an engaging story. If your content is overrun with run-on sentences or has a monotonous rhythm, listeners will tune out. The content will be of no value to them.Let’s Get Personal One of the biggest draws of voice assistants is their artificial intelligence capabilities. The more users interact with these devices, the more the assistants learn. Over time, they can return more personalized results that match users’ unique needs.For marketers, this means with voice assistants, you can cater to the customer based on who they are and not just their behavior. While it’s still early when it comes to personalization of the user experience through voice assistant interaction, this is certainly a huge opportunity for marketers. While it’s not a possibility yet, imagine how your strategies would improve if you knew more about the personal preferences of an individual audience member. You could create different pieces of content on a particular topic, but each could have their own tone or take that matches the individual. Understanding those needs would increase the odds of being a result a voice personal assistant would return. Keep an eye on technologies and platforms that enable this type of personalization in the years to come. As you look long-term at your voice assistant marketing plan, be sure to notice trends in the growing popularity of the different devices. For instance, the formerly mentioned NPR study found a huge spike in the number of smart speaker users last year. In 2018, there were 14 million new smart speaker users. Additionally, there’s an increase in the number of smart speakers in each home. In 2017, only 38 percent of users had more than one smart speaker. In 2018, 52 percent of consumers owned multiple speakers.Think about what this means for content marketing. People are using their devices in different rooms of their home and office, and it’s unlikely they are searching for the same information in each location. Take into consideration what people may be searching for depending on their location to customize your content even further. For instance, is there a hack for baking soda in the kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room? If listening to music improves focus, sleep, stamina, and wellness, what kinds of information or actions might a user request from a voice assistant depending on the area of the home they are active in?Please, Go OnVoice assistants are constantly evolving to better meet users’ needs. Every year, Stone Temple conducts a study to determine how accurate the results are from different voice assistants. They ask each version 4,952 questions. In 2018, Google Assistant for Smartphone had fewer than 40 incorrect responses. Alexa improved leaps and bounds attempting to answer 2.7 times more questions than 2017.For marketers, like you, this means it’s time to start thinking about the “next step.” One intriguing trend that is developing is enhancing the ability to have a conversation with a voice assistant. Last year, Alexa released follow-up mode which allows the device to respond to multiple queries in a row without having to repeat “Alexa” to wake it up. And Google Assistant can now understand two different commands at a time. It won’t be long before voice assistants can sustain much longer conversations with users, answering follow-up questions and providing seemingly limitless information.Marketers should prepare for this advanced user/assistant relationship by creating content that follows the natural flow of conversation. When outlining a piece of content, consider the next logical line of inquiry and begin building out a matrix of additional content that answers users’ questions well in advance. This will keep consumers engaged with your content and brand for a much longer and more meaningful period of time.Technology is constantly changing how marketers approach their branding strategies, and voice assistants are making big waves. By understanding what makes this technology unique, your brand marketing can evolve with the changing needs of your customers. Inna Semenyuk is a marketing strategist and the founder of San Francisco-based InnavationLabs, a full-service marketing consultancy. The Dos and Don’ts of Brand Awareness Videos Digital Marketing Jobs in the Government Sector Related Posts AI is Not the Holy Grail of Sales, at Least Not… Tags:#marketing best practices#smart speakers#voice assistant marketing#voice assistant technology last_img read more

Glamour and Gold

first_imgA cultural programme inside the Games village.Laurence Jupp II is 18, sports the sinewy athletic body five years of competitive cycle racing would give one and moves with the air of a Will Smith from his The Fresh Prince days. This probably explains the three starry-eyed female volunteers who follow,A cultural programme inside the Games village.Laurence Jupp II is 18, sports the sinewy athletic body five years of competitive cycle racing would give one and moves with the air of a Will Smith from his The Fresh Prince days. This probably explains the three starry-eyed female volunteers who follow the braided-hair and coffee bean-skinned Jupp Junior around like they would do with teen sensation Justin Bieber. It also becomes clear why the boy-wonder from Nassau has picked up enough Hindi to “start a conversation”.Prince Charles with Australian swimmers at the Games Village.”I think Indian girls are the prettiest in the world,” he grins as his small-but-growing-by-the-day fan club of college-going volunteers giggle in the freedom of six hours a day and nearly a fortnight away from parental supervision.Pirrenee Steinert, Athlete, AustraliaNew Delhi’s chaos ends somewhere under the giant concrete overhang of a metro that leads to a serene gated colony, a long driveway flanked with barbed wire, watchtowers, over 300 assault rifle-wielding security personnel. Access comes only using bar-coded tags and multiple layers of pat-down security checks. Beyond this are tinkling fountains, swimming pools, convenience stores and training spaces and the multi-storied buildings of ‘Khel Gram’ home for athletes of the 19th Commonwealth Games.Jenna Randall, Synchronised Swimmer, EnglandThirty-five towers, 1,168 flats and nearly 7,000 athletes. The 63.5-hectare Village, which cost Rs 1,800 crore, is nearly half the size of the Rashtrapati Bhavan and is India’s most heavily guarded residential complex. The Indian version of Baghdad’s Green Zone is even officially called the International Zone.advertisementBriana Mitchell, Gymnast, New ZealandThe snakes, mongrels and filthy bathrooms that shot these stylish lodgings to world infamy, seem to have been eclipsed by the giant helium balloon on the opening night and the sigh-inducing figures of the athletes. The only red alert sounded so far was when the hemlines of Australian pole-vaulter Amanda Bisk were found to be higher than the complex’s wavy blast-proof concrete walls.The most envied jobs are a toss-up between the guards with binoculars manning the watchtowers and personnel who are paid to stare at the video fed from over 1,000 CCTV cameras around the Village.Amanda Bisk, Pole-vaulter, AustraliaFor the rest of the gawkers, there is the football field-sized, red sandstone tiled common area around the open-air amphitheatre which hosts cultural shows. Here, members of the angelic Welsh women’s hockey team float past like high school prom queens from a Hollywood chick flick and the leggy lasses of the Australian team would give Gisele Bundchen and Heidi Klum a run for their money.Sanjay: He won gold in the 74-kg Greco Roman category in wrestlingThe zone of sculpted bodies, long legs, washboard abs and chiselled chins is also one where citius, altius, fortius could be an adage for bubbling hormones. The indisputability of sports and sex being fellow travellers and the Village’s leisure swimming pool where athletes head after a hard day’s workout, is a metaphorical playground for both.The old “no sex before sport” aphorism has been replaced by the “play safe” logo on the sole condom vending machine at the reception. Strategically positioned in the residential zone, this refrigerator-sized ‘High Traffic Dispensing Outlet’ is stocked with 500 prophylactics and has a reserve of 2,000 condoms.Abhinav Bindra and Gagan Narang: They fetched first gold for India, winning men’s 10-m air rifle pairs eventOne volunteer, who reveals he once topped it up twice a day, whispers about “two fat ladies who took away 10 packs”. There are hushed words of all-night trysts but what happens in the Village, clearly, stays in the Village.Looking good is de rigueur for what will easily be, for a fortnight, India’s largest concentration of non-military super-fitness. The Shahnaz Husain signature salon pumps up the glamour quotient with massages and face packs and micro-size patriotism in nail flags. The lone male hair stylist woefully shows you the blisters on his feet from standing for close to 12 hours a day servicing nearly 200 customers.Anil Kumar: He won gold in the 96-kg Greco Roman category in wrestling”My hair and my nails have never looked so beautiful,” scrawls metrosexual South African hockey goal-keeper Brenden Botes in the salon guest book. Strange, considering he normally hides under giant helmet and hand protectors.The sole bar in the Village pumps out nearly 1,000 empty beer pints each night while the local 24×7 store works only 12 hours because of security reasons. Washing detergent is the fastest moving item-over 100 kg sold in a week with 150 cans of deodorants finishing runners-up. It is not clear just how much of this was used by the Organising Committee to scrub and clean the Village, but a week into the Games, the Village’s rough edges have been smoothed out.advertisementRahi Sarnobat and Anisa Sayeed: They won gold in women’s 25-m pistol pairs event”The food is fantastic and the living conditions are far better than what we expected,” says Australian sprinter Pirrenee Steinert. “The weather’s great, I love the Village. I so don’t want to go back home,” says Emma Batten of the Welsh women’s hockey team. Few would disagree.last_img read more