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first_img Comments are closed. Related posts:No related photos. Previous Article Next Article Lateralthinking suggests that ‘time-to-productivity’ is a process ripe forcost-cutting via rigorous examination and automation of some HR processes. Twosoftware companies, Business Layers and Authoria HR, offer radical andcomplementary solutions. Howard Popeck investigatesBusinesslayer’ day oneDayOne automates the critical, time-sensitive process of provisioning peoplethroughout the organisation. Every employee can access what they need accordingto their profile – a group of attributes created for each individual. Theirdigital identify stays with them as they move through the company. Changes tonames, locations, status and more are automatically recorded and provisionedresources are dynamically updated. The entire provisioning history is recordedto help uncover bottlenecks. Anindividual’s change in status is typically registered via PeopleSoft, SAP-HR,or Oracle. Day One ties together an employer’s directories, databases and‘people centric’ applications such as HR, resource planning systems and networkmanagement systems through a browser-based application centred on forms andforms processing. If(or when) people leave, they are simply ‘de-provisioned’ by Day One and aresecurely and systematically disconnected from all resources, thereby creatingan added level of security. Asthe line between the HR function and the supporting IT infrastructure continuesto blur, ‘e-provisioning’ will become increasingly crucial to businessprosperity. The ultimate objective is that personnel will always be connected –seamlessly and securely – anywhere around the world, at any time, to all thesystems that affect business operations.TheDay One designers have done an excellent job of building a very intuitiveinterface that is extremely easy to work with. Taking into account the savingsin efficiency – thereby freeing up expensively trained HR personnel to focus onthe challenging issues, not the routine mundane ones – it seems assured ofexpanding its market penetration.AuthoriaHR – personalised answersInducteeregret, whereby a new recruit experiences feelings of concern, sometimes to theextent of panic both before joining and organisation and for a periodthereafter, is a reality. A bit like your first day at a new school. Obviouslyit has an negative impact on productivity. Frustration in obtaining basicinformation from hard-pressed HR staff doesn’t help! Whilethe Day One software described above ensures the new employee is properlyprovisioned with the hardware and digital tools necessary to carry out theirjob, Authoria HR seeks to reassure them by providing accurate, timely HRinformation on demand.AuthoriaHR delivers intelligent, personalised, web-based answers to thousands of globalbenefits and HR policy questions. It instantly and dynamically generatesanswers to employee questions based on their individual needs. The range ofself-service benefit subjects are comprehensive and expanding.  Thisout-of-the-box content gives HR managers a head start in creating schemeinformation online. Designed to handle even the most complex schemes, itcaptures information by walking the user through a series of questions beforeorganising and producing the information online.Thescheme data is stored as content in a knowledgebase containing thousands ofrules and variables to help manage changes and updates. So when a benefit levelchanges, it is changed in one place and the benefit level is updated across theentire scheme. And it’s personalised to each of the employees. A static-textwebsite can’t do this – Authoria HR can.Aweb browser is all you need and integration tools with PeopleSoft and SAP areavailable. The statistics log ensures management knows who accessed what andwhen. Thebenefits include improved service to employees and managers, increasedperception of benefits’ value, reduced HR admin costs, improved focus onstrategic HR objectives rather than mundane admin functions and a streamlinedprocess with employee self-service and real-time, personalised information.Insummary, Authoria HR ensures all your HR knowledge is accessible to employeesanytime, anywhere – and it is simple to use, despite the underlyingtechnological sophistication. Organisationalsecurity risks:TheFinancial Times at list of Authoria self-service benefit subjects and other It answers to hr questionsOn 1 Jun 2002 in Personnel Todaylast_img

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