Madrid would be a leader without the VAR

first_imgThe arbitration will be in the spotlight during the Classic after the last complaints of Real Madrid. The decisions of Hernández Hernández, against Levante, and Orsato, against Manchester City, have not liked the white team, which demands in some of these actions the intervention of the VAR. Video arbitration has not become precisely his great ally, since technology has intervened more times against Madrid than Barcelona. Moreover, in a parallel and fictitious classification, in which the decisions taken from the VOR room were not taken into account, Madrid would be in the first position of LaLiga Santander with two points of advantage over the Catalans.VAR interventions in Madrid matches-In favor (3): two rival goals were annulled (to Brais, for the previous offside of Aspas, and to Luuk De Jong, for a previous foul on Militao) and the repetition of a penalty against Leganés (Soriano stopped the maximum penalty for Ramos, but was early and on the second attempt he managed to beat him).-Again (5): a direct red to Modric, a somewhat rival was awarded (to Gerard Moreno) and three goals were annulled for offside (to Jovic, against Osasuna, Hazard, against Betis, and Casemiro, against Valladolid).-They did not influence (1): Sánchez Martínez had an identity error. He took a yellow one to Valverde and from the VOR they warned him that the foul was from Jovic.VAR interventions in Barcelona matches-In favor (2) a penalty in favor by Aguirregabiria and a goal annulled to Getafe for a previous foul.-Again (4): two penalties were indicated against (Vidal and Lenglet, both by hand), goal annulled to Messi for offside and goal awarded to Gameiro.-They did not influence (2): An identity error (yellow shown to Arthur that had been wrongly shown to Suarez before) and mediation to Gil Manzano (the VAR confirmed that Paulista’s goal had to be annulled due to a previous foul, but this occurred before it was put into play the corner, so from the VOR they indicated that the corner kick should be repeated and not missing as indicated by the braid).The VAR in the ClassicsThis will be the sixth Real Madrid-Barcelona with video arbitration, but to date it has only entered once. It was on the first of all, on the 10th day of the 2018-19 season. Hernández Hernández, VAR referee, warned Sánchez Martínez, on the grass, of a Varane penalty on Luis Suárez. The Murcian referee pointed it out and the Uruguayan scored. The irruption of technology is very low in the Classics, although the white team has repeatedly claimed it. They think he should have entered the same game he did to signal the maximum penalty on Luis Suarez. In that crash, later, the Uruguayan would commit a serious abrupt game action on Nachor. The Canarian referee, from the VOR, did not recommend his partner to go to the monitor. The VAR was also requested in the last Classic in LaLiga. Madrid claimed two penalties on Varane. The first for a stencil of Lenglet and another for a grab of Rakitic. In the first one the VAR did not enter because there was a previous hand of Benzema and in the second one because from the VOR they considered that it was not a clear and manifest error.The referees: Mateu Lahoz and González GonzálezThose designated to whistle Real Madrid-Barcelona are Mateu Lahoz, from the field, and González González, from the VOR. Ramos complained last weekend that Hernández Hernández could not talk. The Appointments Committee has chosen for the Classic an arbitrator totally contrary to what the white captain complained. Mateu Lahoz is one of the most talkative referees of the First Division and he likes to make players see what he plays, although he does not wrinkle before them in complicated situations. The Valencian is one of the referees who shows more cards, both yellow and red, shows. Of course, it is not one of the most penalties. Mateu, in addition, It is one of the referees that has been corrected less times by the VAR. On three occasions he has rectified his decision. In a fourth, the VAR also recommended that he review a penalty he noted, but remained in his initial decision. He is one of the few referees who has done it and has surprised everyone, since he almost always hears: “If he goes to the monitor, he will change his decision.”From the VOR he will be helping you González González, one of the most interventionist referees in the category. He has entered seven actions when he has worked as a VAR and plays of all kinds (gameplay, penalties and reds). He is a referee who does not hesitate to call his partner on the screen if he thinks he has made a clear and manifest error.last_img

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