Taylor Medical Clinic is open for business

first_imgThe clinic already saw 12 patients in its first couple hours of operation, and Dr. Godley says they’ll be able to see approximately 20-25 patients a day, although if demand increases, there are opportunities to expand the operation.  There will also be doctors available for in person consultation, on a month interval for week at a time, although the ability to re open is thanks to the new technology. Livecare, a doctor owned B.C. company, has brought Telemedicine into the clinic, enabling physicians to see patients through a distance.Families looking for a doctor in Fort St. John can now be seen by physicians through a two way video camera, a gateway connecting medical devices from the machine to the doctor, and of course, secure medial records to keep track of your history and conditions. The entire process is met under the guidance of licensed nurses and administrative staff.Dr. Mark Godley, the CEO of the company says their mission is to bring medical services to northern communities experiencing “a severe physician shortage.”  – Advertisement -”We had heard the town of Taylor was in a crisis with no physician services,” Dr. Godley goes on to say. “I contacted the municipality of Taylor, and here we are today.”Mayor Fred Jarvis says he’s glad Taylor can be a centre for unattached families across the board.   “It is not just for Taylor,” Mayor Jarvis explains. “It’s great that we got it here and it’s great that it’s working, but it’s for everyone in the rural areas… There are a lot of other communities that had said they sure want to get over and have a look at it”Advertisementlast_img

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