first_imgMens 30 years: By Rachel Moyle The Mens 30 years final was the mirror image of 2003, with the Sydney Scorpions and the Sydney Mets facing off again. Determined to reverse last year’s result, the Scorpion’s case was strengthened when Mets’ star and Australian Mixed Captain Tony El-Takchi was sidelined in their semi final with a knee injury. Within one minute both sides had scored once and excitement lifted about the speed and intensity already being shown. With beautiful passing, stepping and chasing from players like Garry Sonda and Jason Yee, who were part of the Mets winning Mens Open side earlier in the week, the Mets came back from a 3-1 deficit just before half time to take it to 3-3. John Moujali and Scott Danswan scored to give the Mets a 5-3 lead, with Danswan running the length of the field to cross the line. Jason Yee’s no-look pass was once again the catalyst allowing Michael Fahat to cross the line for a 6-3 lead. Yee’s passing was a game-long highlight. Coach Michael McDonald was certainly relieved when the siren sounded. The Sydney Mets were back-to-back Champions and also the Champion Permit for 2004 after claiming five titles between the 20 years, Open and Senior Divisions. “This is great”, said McDonald, “There’s been a lot of tough competition out here this week and it’s a relief to have won this, the guys have done really well this week, they were the best team, they deserve it.” Player of the Final: Garry Sonda- Sydney Mets Player of the Series: Tony El-Takshi – Sydney Mets Mens 35 years: By Rachel Moyle The Sydney Scorpions were favourites to take out the title in this division, having several past and present Australian representatives out on the field. Ex-Australian player and current coach of the 20 years Mens side, Sam Ayoub, started well for the Scorpions, combining with another World Cup representative in Jeff Cheung for the first score in just 2 minutes. Jeff Cheung then scored again off a great step to beat the defender to give the Scorpions a 2-0 lead and shock the Mets with a quick start. The Mets looked slow in attack and headed continually to the right, but after pushing forward and passing left, they crossed for their first touchdown and Kevin Thorsby brought the score to 2-1. After a clash of heads, Kevin Thorsby then had to leave the field for treatment with blood pouring from a cut under his eye. The defense picked up just before half time, with the Scorpions looking like they would hold the Mets away from their line. John Schembri somehow managed to make it across though and it looked like the Scorpions would take just a 3-2 lead into half time. A brilliant pass from David Cheung put his other brother Michael across the line right on the stroke of half time though and the Scorpions took a 4-2 lead. When the Mets scored immediately after half time, the match lifted in intensity and the crowd sensed the match tightening. The Sydney Scorpions had other ideas though and kicked into another gear, piling on four touchdowns in the last ten minutes. David Cheung led the way with his Player of the Final performance and a great touchdown stepping his way past three players before diving over the line to seal the match 8-3. Player of the Final: David Cheung- Sydney Scorpions Player of the Series: John Samin- ADF Warriors Mens 40 years: By Rachel Moyle: In the Mens 40 years final the local Northern Eagles were out to claim the title for the first time in NTL history. Standing in their way however, were the ACT, the defending Champions and team that had beaten the then-undefeated Sydney Scorpions in the semi final. The Northern Eagles started well but beautiful passing from Captain and experienced Australian representative, Gary Lawless, kept the ACT in the game. Player of the Final and also Player of the Series, Mark Jansson, put the Eagles in front right on half time with an incredibly quick run past three ACT defenders to put the ball down. Jansson continued his good form in the second half with another touchdown and several more good runs and passing. With just five minutes to go and the score at 4-3, the ACT dropped an almost certain touchdown, with the Northern Eagles capitalising to take a 5-3 lead. Tony Cox sealed the win for the local team, intercepting a loose pass and running the length of the field for his touchdown. For the ACT and retiring Captain Gary Lawless, the loss was disappointing, but for the Northern Eagles it was the culmination of many long and hard years of work. “A lot of us have been playing together for years”, said Captain/Coach Paul Seward. “We’ve been contenders in the past, but we have never won it. This is the first time we’ve done it and it’s great, I’m just so proud of the boys.” Player of the Final: Mark Jansson- Northern Eagles Player of the Series: Mark Jansson- Northern Eagles Mens 45 years: By Lisa Plummer The Mens 45 years final saw the Sydney Mets come from second in their pool to defeat first placed Northern Eagles. The Mets nearly went through on their first set of six touches and the Eagles answered back just as strongly, indicating the crowd should be prepared for an exciting match. The Mets scored early on, just five minutes into the first half. Wasted opportunities and careless penalties frustrated players on both sides throughout the first half, and the Mets went into half time leading 1-0. Whatever coach John Delpech said to his players at half time worked, and Lindsay Delpech made a great run from dummy half, putting Ray McIlhoney over the line. While John Delpech nervously paced the sideline, his team continued to dominate the try line with Wayne Brennan crossing the line to take the Mets to a 3-0 lead. With just five minutes remaining the Mets’ Bob Behnke crossed the line to seal victory for his side. The Eagles finally put two touchdowns on the board after Bram Carey and Tony Webb scored to leave the score at 4-2 at fulltime. Mets coach, John Delpech praised the strength and performance of the Eagles but “this time we were way too good on the day”. Player of the Final: Lindsay Delpech- Sydney Mets Player of the Series: Mick McAll- Southern Suns Mens 50 years: by Rachel Moyle The Mens 50 years final saw the Gold Coast Sharks come from fourth in their pool to face the defending Champions, the Hunter-Western Hornets. Dave Bull set the game alight for the Hornets and within the first few minutes had scored two touchdowns. The Hornets started the second half with a 3-0 and continued to build on that as the match went on. The defending Champions had a 7-0 lead before the Gold Coast Sharks managed to register a score, but when they did it was a good one, with Ted Bryant bringing the Sharks fans alive with a brilliant effort. In the end it was the Hornets with a 8-1 victory, coach Kim Miller wanting to congratulate the Sharks. “They did a great job to make the grand final from fourth position, but we really lifted in the final, everyone played well and it was just a real team effort.” Player of the Final: Michael Gallagher- Hunter-Western Hornets Player of the Series: Colin Thomas- Sydney Mets Womens 30 years: By Lisa Plummer The Womens 30s final saw Sydney Scorpions taking victory over the Sunwest Razorbacks six touchdowns to four. Razorbacks Teena Jennings crossed the line in the first two mins of play, followed by a second try by Sue Ginns not long after. The Razorbacks drove the ball strong and hard while simple mistakes saw the Scorpions dominated early in the match. Dianne Pierce put the Razorbacks over the line again, stretching their lead to 3-0. A dive over the line by Maria Sonda half way through the first half put the Scorpions back into the game. Great defence lifted the spirits of the Scorpions and Cristy Hornery crossed the line. Within just a few minutes, great hands saw winger Christine Beynon cross the line, and the scores were tied at 3-3. Kim Melville was the next to cross the line for the Scorpions and tight defence saw them hold out the Razorbacks for the rest of the first half. The Scorpions came out firing, with Christine Beynon scoring her second try of the match in the first set of six of the second half. After a tough decision by the referees, the Scorpions scored again, making the score 6-3. Strong defence and attack saw the Scorpions clearly dominate the Razorbacks throughout the second half of the match, and a runaway try by Razorbacks Toni Brown saw the score rest at 6-4 at full-time. Scorpions Womens 30s manager and Tournament Leader Gary Croft was happy with the way his team performed. “It’s a great honour to be involved with such a great group of players, and to see players like these ladies play the game in such good spirit.” Player of the Final: Sue Hamill- Sydney Scorpions Player of the Series: Tracey Elliot- Sydney Scorpions Womens 35 years: By Lisa Plummer An outstanding hat trick of tries to the Southern Suns Annette Mounsey saw the Suns take out the title in the Womens 35s division over the Hunter Western Hornets. The Suns scored their first try of the match after just three minutes with the Hornets hitting back after a great dummy by Michelle Brown saw her put Gai Taylor over the line. Annette Mounsey’s first try came with under a minute left to go in the second half, and on the half time siren, Suns Captain and Coach, Allyson Fisher crossed the line to make the score 3-1 going into half time. The second half saw wasted opportunities for both teams, and Suns player Jill McGuiness put Annette Mounsey through for her second try early on. Strong, tireless defence by the Suns held the Hornets out and their fast driving of the ball saw them and Allyson Fisher once again put Suns player Annette Mounsey over the line, to secure the full time score at 5-1. Great sportsmanship was shown at the end of the game and Player of the Final and also Player of the Series, Allyson Fisher was relieved for her girls. “Thank god, finally!”. Player of the Final: Alison Fisher- Southern Suns Player of the Series: Alison Fisher- Southern Suns Womens 40 years: By Rachel Moyle The Womens 40 years final saw last year’s Champions, the local Northern Eagles out to defend their title against the undefeated Sydney Scorpions. The Scorpions opened the scoring quickly, with Carol Furlonge crossing in the first minute of the game, while the Northern Eagles took several minutes to put pace into their attack. Gabby Whelan took advantage of the Eagle’s slow start and dished off well to Mary Wachman for their second touchdown before the Northern Eagles hit back with a touchdown to Karen Mooney. After half time it was a complete Scorpions affair, after the constant fumbling by the Northern Eagles and the Scorpion’s good running allowed another three touchdowns. The Sydney Scorpions claimed the title with a 5-1 victory and Coach Paul Malcolm praised the effort of his team. “We were expecting a very tough game today, we were close in the minor rounds, but the girls just put in such a good team effort”, he said. For the players, it was a win for their captain, Judy Malcolm, who had been unable to take the field in the final. Player of the Final: Jan Rose- Sydney Scorpions Player of the Series: Heather Desbois- Tropical Queensland Cycloneslast_img

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