Bosma Day 3

Cell phones and the technology to track them played an important part of the investigation into Tim Bosma’s disappearance in May 2013, a court heard today.We heard from the detectives who started investigating when Sharlene Bosma was frantically trying to find her husband and two of them pointed at Dellen Millard as the man they spoke to in the investigation. Afterward staff Sgt. Paul Hamilton said there’s a first time for everything when he pointed at Millard in court, the accused grinned and jauntily waved back at him.Tim Bosma’s cell phone was found outside a business in Brantford by a man hired to mow the lawn. Employees dialed the contact labelled “home” to find the owner, they reached Tim Bosma’s sister, who told them to call police.Paul Hamilton and Greg Jackson got Bosma’s cell phone records and found out what number called him to arrange a test drive. They learned it was a pay-as-you-go phone, bought in March by a guy calling himself Lucas Bate. The address he gave was to a school, with no Lucas Bate attending there.They also learned the phone pinged off cell phone towers in a path that led from Etobicoke, to Oakville, to Ancaster, to Brantford and then Cambridge. The phone also called two other people with trucks for sale online, including Dennis Arujio, who testified that he missed the call. The other man hasn’t testified yet, but court heard he did take two men out for a test drive and told police one of them had the word ambition tattooed on his wrist.Then police got tips from two reliable sources that a man named Dellen Millard had such a tattoo. They found Millard’s cell phone records, which pinged off similar towers as the “Bate” phone the night Bosma went missing. Then they went to the Millard air hangar in Waterloo and encountered the owner, Dellen Millard there. They started surveillance on the place, and decided he was a suspect.

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