Sony is limiting PS Vita 3G downloads to 20MB at launch

first_imgAs the PS3 and Xbox 360 has shown, if you’re going to release a new piece of gaming hardware it has to support online features including digital game downloads. That also applies to mobile platforms now that the iPhone and Android devices have made app stores popular, and Nintendo is making a big deal about the 3DS eShop.Sony is no exception to this rule and will support a range of online and download features at launch for the PS Vita. There’s even a 3G version of the Vita to allow for such access away from home or a WiFi access point.As the mobile networks keep telling us, supporting lots of heavy-users on 3G devices trying to watch movies, download apps and music, as well as having video chats puts their infrastructure under massive stress. It seems Sony has realized that may happen with the PS Vita, or at least been told it will by the mobile industry in Japan. After all, there’s going to be multiple thousands of them sold on launch day, and most gamers will be checking out the digital download games and content immediately.With that in mind, apparently there’s going to be a rather severe limit on the size of the files you can download with the PS Vita over 3G at launch. That limit is set to 20MB. In other words, if there’s a digital download game you want that’s 100MB, you won’t be able to download it to the PS Vita over 3G for the time being.That’s the plan in Japan at least, but don’t be surprised if similar caps are put in place for Western markets as a safety net. The one consolation being it isn’t a permanent cap, just a temporary one until sales and usage settles to a more predictable flow.Limiting your use of 3G actually makes sense, and you could see this as Sony doing you a favor due to the high cost of the PS Vita data plans. 20 hours costs you $13 and 100 hours is $64. At a download rate of 128Kbps, downloading large files is soon going to burn through that time.Read more at ITProPortallast_img

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