Studentmade experimental light sculpture makes projectors fun

first_imgDespite being cheaper than most large televisions, you don’t see many people going the projector route for their home theater. It requires a lot of setup, and whatever you decide to project your television onto looks boring when it is not in use. Can you imagine having just one flat white wall in your house? It would look pretty bad. What if, when your television was off, that wall was a piece of art? A student in Berlin has put together a sculpture that allows him to play with projected light in a way that might make you re-think your home theater setup.The demonstration video put together by Karim Mansour is nothing short of mesmerizing. A dark wall reveals itself to be a jagged, uneven series of smaller surfaces when beams of light timed to music hit the wall. As the song progresses, the projected lights dance in a variety of shapes, and each time you see the lies and dots hit the wall, something amazing and different happens. The whole experiment is designed to demonstrate how light behaves when it is projected across so many different surfaces, and the results are beautiful.How could this be adapted to modern technology? Maybe your projector wall is designed so the individual pieces can be shifted to a piece of art when not in use. Or, maybe you want the wall to always look like that, so The West Wing is more exciting. Either way, this experiment makes me want to turn all the lights off in my house and play with high powered lights of my own.via Vimeolast_img

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