NYCC pleads with its guests to shower and wear deodorant

first_imgThis year’s New York Comic Con kicked off yesterday (we kicked off NYCC with our friends at Hasbro), and New York City is now flooded with people dressed up in costumes and carrying bags full of swag, either going to or coming from the convention floor.Though NYCC isn’t as big as San Diego Comic-Con, it’s still an enormous show with much to see. Stepping into the convention center can quickly become overwhelming, with people packed shoulder-to-shoulder, and giant, colorful signs pointing you in every direction. NYCC has done us all a favor and compiled a quick survival guide for the show, and in that guide, all guests are urged to shower and wear deodorant, because guests not doing so has become too big of a problem to ignore.The first two steps in the survival guide are fairly normal tips: download the NYCC app so you can be kept abreast of the show’s events, and then carefully plan your day’s itinerary so you can maximize your visit to the con. The third step, though, is something you wouldn’t expect to see on an official comics convention survival guide — until, that is, you’ve been to a comics (or gaming, or any other) convention: shower and wear deodorant.You’d think the convention show-runners wouldn’t have to remind their attendees to take care of themselves like a normal human being should, but if you’ve ever been to a big con, you know not everyone adheres to basic human hygiene.This happens for a few reasons: either some people are just gross, some people do as much as they can at the con and cut out hygiene time to maximize that efficiency, and other people’s bodies are susceptible to the rigors of being packed tightly into a hot space with fellow humans.Whatever the case may be, NYCC urges everyone to take care of themselves so their pungent odors don’t ruin the fun for everyone else. At a con, there isn’t much worse than waiting two hours for a panel and being stuck between two people who smell like a trash can left out on the street during the summer.[Image credit: numb on Flickr]last_img

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