American Horror Story when Kathy met Gaga

first_imgThree episodes into American Horror Story’s shortened sixth season and we’re finally starting to get some answers. Not to our most burning questions of course, but we finally have a better idea of who is haunting the Millers’ land and how it connects to the lost Roanoke Colony.Directly following the end of last week’s episode, the Millers, along with the reluctant local police and a group of volunteers, search for Lee’s missing daughter, Flora. As a cop, Lee knows the longer it takes to find Flora, the worse their chances are of finding her alive. Flora is nowhere to be found, and what they do find isn’t promising.Lee finds a ritualistic arrangement of doll and pig parts. (Photo: Screenshot via FX)Pieces of Flora’s doll are arranged with pig parts in a ghoulish display on the ground. The family soon finds another, which leads them to what appears to be the home of the creepy hillbillies we saw in the first episode. Now, the show seems to have mostly backed off the hillbilly horror tropes since then, but this house is exactly what the protagonists find in every one of those movies. Flies everywhere, a bucket of I-don’t-want-to-know-what next to the stove, and a refrigerator full of mysteriously spoiled meat. (Could it be… human?!)The men themselves are nowhere to be found, but when the Millers investigate the barn out back, they find two feral boys nursing from a pig. (Which by the way, is not even the most WTF moment from the show. we’re just getting started.) The boys are taken to a police station who find that they can only say, scream really, one word: Croatoan.The Millers find two boys nursing from a pig in a barn. (Photo: Screenshot via FX)History buffs will know that Croatoan was the only clue left behind by members of the lost Roanoke colony, who were never found. There are much more benign theories as to where they went, but this is American Horror Story. You know this version is going to be supremely messed up.The cops theorize that the hillbillies heard the search party and took off with the girl, leaving their two feral sons behind. We know this series well enough to know that’s not what happened. In fact, it becomes apparent that the hillbillies didn’t take Flora and were possibly being terrorized just as much as the Millers.Lee’s ex-husband arrives to look for his daughter only to be found dead, burned and crucified on a tree that night. Shelby begins to suspect Lee of Murder after Matt’s security camera reveals she had followed her ex out of the house shortly before his body was found.Leslie Jordan as the psychic Cricket in American Horror Story. (Photo: Screenshot via FX)Having seemingly moved on from the Motel Hell/Blair Witch vibe the season started with, this episode brings in a little Poltergeist. A short, eccentric psychic named Cricket shows up offering to help find Lee’s daughter. When psychic energy leads him to a bonnet in the cupboard under the stairs that Flora liked to hide in, he offers his services. He says Flora has been taken by her ghostly friend, Priscilla and hidden away for protection.Cricket performs a seance, contacting the mysterious woman played by Kathy Bates. It turns out, her name was Thomasin White. She led the Roanoke colony while her husband was away, but some of the other colonists rebelled and attempted to starve her to death in the woods. There she met Lady Gaga, who appears to be some sort of spiritual entity living in the forest. Gaga gives White a heart to eat and White returns to the colony, slaughtering the men who rebelled against her, becoming known as “The Butcher.” She then led the colonists from the original Roanoke colony to the land the Millers now occupy.Kathy Bates as Thomasin White becomes ‘The Butcher’ (Photo: Screenshot via FX)Of course, now that the show has finally given us an inkling of what’s going on, it has to mess with us even more before its running time is up. Cricket leads the Millers out into the woods to search for Flora (after collecting a hefty sum from her desperate mother), only to come face-to-face with Thomasin White and a group of colonists. While Cricket tries to bargain with them, Shelby notices Matt is missing and goes looking for him.Now we get to the moment that everyone is talking about. Shelby finds Matt, seemingly possessed, having sex with Lady Gaga while two of the hillbillies watch. When Matt returns to the house later, he has no memory of the incident. As you’d expect, Shelby isn’t buying it. She accuses Matt of gaslighting her before revealing that she has called the cops to arrest Lee for her ex-husband’s murder.Lady Gaga in American Horror Story (Photo: Screenshot via FX)The third episode of “Roanoke” revealed more of its cards than I expected by now, but larger questions still remain. Who is Lady Gaga (since we don’t have a name yet)? Is she a ghost, a spirit of the forest? Is she working for Thomasin White or controlling her? We also still don’t know what the reality show/Paranormal Witness framing device is building towards. We catch a glimpse behind the scenes, but so far it looks like a straightforward TV set, albeit one that has a little too much information about its guests’ pasts. That can’t be it though, right? One of these weeks, we’re going to find out the show is a front for something sinister or supernatural, I just know it.In any case, while “Chapter 3” was a little light on actual scares, it succeeded in satisfying some of our curiosity while stirring up even more. Since we only have ten episodes this season, maybe we can expect a more tightly paced, forthcoming story than in seasons past. Besides, this episode wasn’t completely devoid of scary moments. Kathy Bates can be truly terrifying when she wants to be.last_img

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