Rayman SNES Prototype Discovered By Creator Michel Ancel

first_imgRayman has endured as a video game character for over 20 years, first appearing on the Atari Jaguar way back in 1995. But what you may not know is that the original Rayman game was meant to be a SNES title including a two-player mode. However, Ubisoft decided the game should be released on CD-ROM, so when the SNES CD-ROM add-on got canceled, so did Rayman for SNES.Rayman as a character was created by Michel Ancel, Frederic Houde, and Alexandra Steible, and over the weekend Ancel made a surprising discovery. He found the prototype development cartridge for the SNES version of the original Rayman game. Better yet, it still works when plugged into a SNES.Here’s a shot of the prototype board plugged into a SNES:Announcing the news through his Instagram account, Ancel commented, “It was sleeping for 24 years ….. Time to wake it up !!!!”Until now, only 4 people had seen the game running, and it runs at 60fps. He even suggests that Ubisoft should consider porting the game and releasing it as a Nintendo Switch title. I’m sure Rayman fans and Nintendo would be on board with that idea.Here’s a great video comparing the original Rayman on the Atari Jaguar and the PlayStation. Now imagine this updated and running on the Switch (on the go and hooked up to your TV):Rayman sold incredibly well. shifting millions of copies. If a Switch version did happen, I doubt just doing Rayman would be good enough. I’d want all Rayman releases bundled along with the SNES prototype as an added bonus on the cartridge.last_img

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