Press Talk Is Steve Stuart out forever

first_imgWell, OK, I didn’t see that coming.County Commissioner Steve Stuart is out. Or he will be, that is, by this time next year. He’s opted not to run for re-election this fall.Look, politicians come and go. And mostly I like the “going” idea because — frankly — these guys just … stick … around … too … long. Do your thing — whatever that might be — then leave already. Please.But Stuart — in my humble opinion — needed to stick around. At least a little longer. Why? Well, we have this thing going on with the other two commissioners, David Madore and Tom Mielke. You know them better as the M&M boys.They’ve created a bit of a mess in the county. As an example, they can’t seem to shake their back-door hiring of their buddy state Sen. Don Benton as the county’s environmental services director. They sneaked him in the $100,000-a-year job before any sane person could say, “What the … “I mean, Benton couldn’t tell the difference between air pollution and au gratin. Still, he got the environmental job.So, it was Stuart who brought a measure of mothering to the M&M boys. Sure, it wasn’t easy, and, frankly, it was a losing battle. But someone had to do it. And that was Stuart.last_img

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