These Dragon Ball Z Kicks From Adidas Actually Look Like Trash

first_img If you’re a big fan of repping how much you love your favorite anime series, you may want to pass on this absolutely awful-looking line of Adidas x Dragon Ball Z sneakers.As painful as it is to denounce any official product that draws from one of my favorite shonen anime series of all time, I just can’t get behind the reported line of Dragon Ball Z shoes from the sneaker brand. The line, which features seven different designs, has a special shoe based on most of the show’s popular characters, including Goku and Frieza, as seen below. They’re apparently the first two shoes you’ll be able to snag, and while the Frieza shoe is serviceable, I’m not sure what they were thinking with Goku’s.Below, you can see a muted orange monstrosity that doesn’t even begin to match Goku’s go, as well as bright red that doesn’t really match anything he has on (except maybe his power pole from back in the day). The blue undertones match his undershirt, and the gold is apparently a nod to his Super Saiyan form, but here’s the thing – it looks like a hodgepodge of random colors that just don’t fit together at all. The design, based on the Adidas ZX500 RM, is fine, but these colors? Nope.via sneakernews.comFrieza’s shoe design is based on the Adidas Yung-1, and while the colors are definitely evocative of Frieza, the shoe design and coloring together don’t exactly make for an attractive or slick shoe. It’s still years ahead of Goku’s abhorrent creation, though, so that stands for something.via sneakernews.comSupposedly, characters like Cell are on their way, as well as Gohan, Vegeta, Majin Buu, and Shenron — but we haven’t seen the official reveal from Adidas just yet. When reached for comment by Polygon, Adidas stated that the brand doesn’t comment on rumored products. So it’s still not official. Maybe, just maybe, if they’re not, these Goku shoes can get some sort of makeover. Because right now? I totally wouldn’t let those things near my feet. Let’s get some more accurate coloring, and then we’ll talk.Dig sweet kicks? We do too. Check out the latest in sneaker tech here.Let us know what you like about Geek by taking our survey. Stay on target The Best and Most Loved Anime Series of All TimeHere’s When You Can Buy Those Awful Dragon Ball Z x Adidas Sneakers last_img

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