first_imgbooking.comresearchstudytips The top five trips that people have already been on and would like to go on again, as they allow them to experience travel to the fullest, are: · Road trip (54%) which rises to a whopping 67% for Aussies. This is particularly popular with younger people, with a third of Generation Z (18-24 year olds) intending to take a road trip as their next holiday· Last minute trip (38%)· Solo trip (34%). A surge in solo travel for Baby Boomers was revealed with 40% having taken a solo trip in the last year, and a further 21% planning to take one in the future· Long distance train journey (32%)· Backpacking or hiking trip (30%). Baby Boomers (55 to 64 year olds) are looking for more adventurous travel with a fifth (20%) intending to go backpacking or hiking on their next tripAussies can grab an exclusive discount on their ili device with a limited edition case. IMAGE:Zhangjiajie, China Travel desiresRespondents were asked what they want out of their limitless travel:· Almost two thirds (62%) of people want to experience new cultures· Over half (51%) want to taste local delicacies· Over a third (39%) are keen to experience staying somewhere new· A third (33%) want to embrace meeting new people whilst travelling – and ili hope to help unlock this in new places with the partnership Pushing the limits 57% of Aussies think that the best thing about travel is getting outside their comfort zone, confirming they want more unique travel experiences to push their travel limits. The top getaways which travellers haven’t done before because they are too afraid, but would love to try one day include:· Volunteering trip (39%)· Gourmet adventure (38%)· Mystery trip (38%)· Sabbatical trip (36%)· Ancestry trip to find out about their heritage (36%) New research from reveals a significant two thirds (63%) of global travellers don’t believe they’re making the most of their travel and ‘waste’ their holiday. One of the key obstacles cited is language barriers. Other issues include finding the right accommodation and the fear of unfamiliar situations in foreign countries. The survey was conducted with over 20,500 global travellers. Teaming up with ili, the world’s fastest offline translation device, is hoping to provide a solution to those language barriers, with ili devices translating English into three language outputs including Spanish, Japanese and Mandarin in a little as 0.2 seconds without internet connection. The devices can help with simple interactions such as asking for directions to locations off the beaten track, or ordering local food, and even chatting with the locals. The research shows one in five global travellers (20%) have never felt ‘limitless’ and the number rises on a local level to 67% of Aussie travellers revealing they are not adventurous enough on holiday. Nevertheless, there is a strong desire to push the boundaries while travelling, with over three quarters of Aussie travellers expressing that aspiration. The main barriers holding people back while travelling is language barriers and struggling to find the right accommodation, with 32% of Aussies stating these fears, examples include getting lost or ordering the wrong dish in a local restaurant. Over a third are also held back by struggles to find accommodation and over a quarter feel anxious about unfamiliar situations when travelling. When asked what would remove travel barriers and anxieties for future trips the top factors respondents called out were: · Great accommodation options (37%)· Positive reviews from other travellers (35%)· Being able to ask questions and directions in the local language (26% and 23%) with 33% of Aussies cited this as making them more confident on holiday· Being able to order their favourite food (22%)· Technology can help overcome these concerns as over half (52%) of global travellers and Aussies admit to using technology frequently while travelling to gain local insightlast_img

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