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"Next of kin have been informed. "It is what it is, Ana Mano and Brad Brooks in Sao Paulo; Editing by Brad Haynes and Dan Grebler) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed. and trans people shouldnt be left out of the conversation, The UNs World Food Program chief David Beasley and Ambassador Nikki Haley have been raising the alarm bells in Washington and around the world as the crisis has escalated. drove nice cars,S. sexual morality is not a wedge issue between parties and there is no great political capital to be gained by ranting about itat least not yet There is some encouraging news: Urban progressive India is appalled At a time when India wants to be taken seriously on the world stage in forums like Davos and the G8 Summit some Indians fear that such a backwards stance is a step in the wrong direction Meanwhile among the 72% of the country that is rural and the 69% who live on less than $2 per day not much is likely to change For eons same-sex relationships here have taken place covertly and without the benefit of queer community or even what we would understand as a "gay" identity "Backwards" India cares more about the rising price of onions and petrol than policing homosexuality And finally there is good news: In the wake of the decision a fierce new wave of organizing has emerged including spontaneous protests that unite LGBT people and a younger more liberal generation of straight Indians Their slogan "No Going Back" is part of a larger multipronged attack strategy created by dozens of small grassroots groups established nonprofits lawyers and other professionals donating pro-bono services and a coalition of funders In gearing up for the struggle ahead a community that was in danger of becoming complacent is now galvanized to political action As a queer American I was thrilled last July when the US Supreme Court overturned the Defense of Marriage Act granting full federal rightsincluding immigrationto gay couples Id never been a big backer of the mainstream gay-marriage movement but I was surprised by the wave of emotion that came over me when I heard the news It was the warm unfamiliar sensation of being a full and equal citizen of my own country When my parents arrived in America in the 1960s they had to swear they were not Communists Nazis mental patients prostitutes polygamistsor homosexuals Yet now if I wanted to I could fulfill the deepest wish of the archetypal Indian-American: to bring home an Indian bride from the motherland India has just closed a brief four-year window in which its LGBT citizens had a similar taste of legal equality For every setback though there is sooner or later a leap forward Already in this weeks news for example a military unit has instituted a new training program to integrate transgender people into its ranks Most importantly a transformation has taken place in the public dialogue here as well as within every individual and family who has been through the terrifying exhilarating process of coming out However long and bitter the fight going forward in India it seems unlikely that the genie can be stuffed back into the bottleor the closet Minal Hajratwala is an author writing coach and editor of the anthology Out Stories from the New Queer India She wrote this for Zocalo Public Square Contact us at [email protected] in balaclavas are cradling Kalashnikovs as they look into a camera somewhere in Syria They are university students businessmen former soldiers and even teenagers One by one they urge their fellow countrymen to join the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) the jihadist group so extreme that it has been denounced by al-Qaeda But these aren’t Syrians or Uzbeks or Chechens They are Indonesian "Let us fight in the path of Allah because it is our duty to do jihad in the path of Allah … especially here in Sham [the Syrian region] … and because God willing it will be to this country that our families will do the holy migration" says one in Bahasa Indonesia peppered with Arabic phrases "Brothers in Indonesia dont be afraid because fear is the temptation of Satan" A fellow jihadist a former Indonesian soldier calls on those in the police and armed forces to repent and abandon the defense of their country and its "idolatrous" state ideology Pancasila The video of the Indonesian men in Syria emerged shortly before ISIS seized the Iraqi cities of Mosul and Tikrit in landmark victories on June 10 and 11 It reflects the growing attraction that the Sunni extremist group holds for the most militant jihadists from Indonesia the country with the worlds biggest Muslim population and one that has long battled threats of terrorism "Like in Syria the Sunni jihadi movement is split in Indonesia" Sidney Jones director of the Jakarta-based Institute for Policy Analysis of Conflict tells TIME Some Indonesian jihadists including many senior leaders of Jemaah Islamiyah (the group behind the Bali bombings in 2002 and other terrorist attacks) are loyal to the alliance around al-Nusra Front and al-Qaeda she says "while most of the more militant non-JI groups are supporting ISIS" According to a recent report the Syrian conflict has lured an estimated 12000 foreign fighters mostly from neighboring Middle Eastern countries but also from Europe Australia the US and Southeast Asia In January Indonesias counterterrorism agency reckoned about 50 Indonesians had gone to fight in Syria though it is not known how many of them joined ISIS A Malaysian security official said more than 20 Malaysians are known to have entered Syria to fight Bashar Assad’s regime On Saturday Malaysian media reported that Ahmad Tarmimi Maliki who bombed an Iraqi military headquarters earned “the dubious honor of being Malaysia’s first suicide bomber linked to” ISIS Some months earlier in November reports emerged that Riza Fardi who studied at the infamous Ngruki Islamic boarding school in Central Java the same school attended by the Bali bombers became the first Indonesian jihadist to die in Syria While terrorist threats have waned in Southeast Asia thanks to imprisonment and deaths of senior jihadist figures the civil war in Syria and now in Iraq has raised the specter of fighters returning home with the terrorist know-how and a militant outlook not unlike the returnees from the Afghan war in the 1980s "Returning fighters will have deeper indoctrination more international contacts and perhaps a deeper commitment to the global jihad" says Jones The three-year Syrian war has attracted even more foreign fighters than the Afghan war One possible reason is a prophecy popular among global jihadists about the final battle before Judgment Day "There are hadith or sayings of the Prophet Muhammad that predict an apocalyptic war of good vs evil and according to one hadith it would start in Syria" says Solahudin a Jakarta-based terrorism expert Indonesia has a different approach to jihadism than its neighbors Though terrorist attacks are punishable by death it is not illegal to raise money for or join a foreign jihadist group In contrast in late April Malaysia arrested 10 militants eight men and two women who planned to travel to Syria to take part in the war In March Singapore said it was investigating the departure of a national to join the Syrian jihad Emboldened by Indonesias more tolerant attitude ISIS supporters there have become more visible and openly solicit funds They held a collection in February at an Islamic state university on the outskirts of Jakarta and held a rally in the capitals central business district in March On June 15 a Sunday morning when one of the main streets in the Central Javanese city of Solo is transformed into a weekly car-free zone for strolling families militants from Jamaah Ansharut Tauhid a JI splinter cell paraded in ISIS insignia waved ISIS flags and wreaked havoc on a music performance They are also quite active on Twitter Facebook and YouTube Iqbal Kholidi who tracks and observes Indonesian ISIS supporters on social media has culled photos of them training and posing with the signature black flags from across the country in Jakarta Central Java South Kalimantan and Poso Central Sulawesi They have become bolder in recent months Iqbal says and that is likely "because there is an impression that the authorities are just keeping quiet all this time" Contact us at [email protected] years ago this September NBC aired the pilot for a new situation comedy on eight oclock on Thursday night At the time there wasnt a single sitcom in the Nielsen top twenty and many in the TV industry had declared the format "dead" In an upfront presentation for advertisers network president Brandon Tartikoff predicted tepidly that the show would finish second in the time slot to "Magnum PI" on CBS; in an advance review critic David Bianculli pleaded with NBC not to "dump it" prematurely And when viewers tuned into the pilot they werent treated to the usual drum-roll introductions to the shows character and premise All they saw was a typical day in the life of an American family: the kids and parents bickering over what kind of music to listen to over breakfast the teenage daughter getting ready to go out on a date the dad having a stern talk with his son about a dismal report card Yet "The Cosby Show" didnt just win the time slot that night It went on to dominate TV for the rest of the eighties topping the ratings for five straight years reviving NBC and pulling all the sitcoms that aired after it into the Nielsen top ten In the sentimental glow with which it is now remembered its easy to forget how astonishing it was that a comedy about black people could have that kind of success or to assume that it did so only because the Huxtables were as New York Magazine once sneered "little more than Leave it to Beaver in blackface" As unfair as that verdict was at the time it seems even more ludicrous now in light of the failure of any show in the three decades since to come close to matching the impact that "The Cosby Show" had on how African-Americans are perceived and how they perceive themselves The premiere next week of "Black-ish" a new ABC sitcom about a black family provides a reminder of just how quietly radical "The Cosby Show" was Like Cliff and Claire Huxtable Andre and Rainbow Johnson (played by Anthony Anderson and Tracey Ellis Ross the daughter of Diana Ross) are successful black professionals: an advertising executive and a doctor raising their three children in an affluent mixed neighborhood But in every other way "Black-ish" is more of a throwback to shows like "The Jeffersons" and "Fresh Prince of Bel Air" where the humor is always directly or indirectly about race and rarely is it subtle Born in "the hood" Andre is obsessed with "keeping it real" at work and at homea loss-of-identity crisis that leads him to do clownishly implausible things like include a ghetto riot in an ad for the LA tourist board dress his son in tribal garb for "an African Rights of Passage" ceremony and bait his biracial wife for not being truly black (hence "black-ish") For Cosby keeping it real meant something very different While his show was still in development Cosby reached out to Dr Alvin Poussaint a Harvard psychiatrist whose specialty is minority children and asked him to read scripts to make sure they reflected genuine child psychology and family dynamics Sensing that Poussaint was going easy on laugh lines Cosby told him to be even tougher: "Your job is to check reality" he said "My job is to make it funny" Cosby stuck by his guns when network boss Tartikoff criticized the thin plot lines of the early episodes (Rudys pet goldfish dies; Theo gets cut from the football team; Denise botches the sewing of a knock-off designer shirt) Shooting the second season premier Cosby threatened to walk off the set when the network sought to appease advertisers by removing an "Abolish Apartheid" sign from Theos bedroom door "There may be two sides to apartheid in Archie Bunkers house" he declared "But its impossible that the Huxtables would be on any side but one" Affectionate with fellow cast members Cosby could be hell on writers making fun of their contrived jokes and riffing on their carefully-crafted dialogue like the jazz musician he once wanted to be Yet today even some of the most bruised survivors credit him with ushering in a down-to-earth style of comedy that would help pave the way for shows like "Seinfeld" and "Home Improvement" and later "Curb Your Enthusiasm" and "Portlandia" where actors are encouraged to improvise Combined with Cosbys insistence on sticking to universal themes of family life that naturalism allowed his show to go in new and unpredictable directions every week Some episodes could have nothing to do with race; others could revolve around jazz or black art or remembering the March on Washington Watching the "Black-ish" pilot with its one-note identity fetish and over-scripted laugh lines"Not really black" Rainbow retorts "Tell that to my hair and my ass"you wonder how the show will avoid repeating itself By the end of the first episode however its clear that "Black-ish" also aspires to express the yearning of African-Americans not to be totally defined by skin color Andre is disappointed when he is promoted to vice-president of his firms "urban division" because he wanted to be "the first vice-president who just happened to be black" And when he eventually supports his sons decision to play field hockey rather than basketball and agrees to throw him a hip-hop bar mitzvah even though the family isnt Jewish he tells the audience: "I didnt feel urban I just felt like a dad who was willing to do whatever he could to support his family" Given time perhaps "Black-ish" will find its way to the higher ground that Bill Cosby miraculously seized from day one and occupied for almost a decade thirty years go You can almost hear Cliff Huxtable in the voice of Andres father played by an underutilized Laurence Fishburne when his son asks how he kept it real "I didnt keep it real" Pops replies "I kept it honest" Mark Whitaker is the author of Cosby: His Life and Times the biography of Bill Cosby out this week and the critically acclaimed memoir My Long Trip Home The former managing editor of CNN Worldwide he was previously the Washington bureau chief for NBC News and a reporter and editor at Newsweek where he rose to become the first African-American leader of a national newsweekly Contact us at [email protected] IDEAS TIME Ideas hosts the world’s leading voices providing commentary on events in news society and culture We welcome outside contributions Opinions expressed do not necessarily reflect the views of TIME editorsIDEAS Dax-Devlon Ross is a contributing writer for Next City Magazine Until I was about 12 years old it never once occurred to me that African Americans were a minority group or that less than a decade before I was born the inner city had smoldered in the wake of Dr King’s assassination in 1968 In retrospect it seems ridiculous I know but I had my reasons and they made perfect sense to me back then One the most important was that Washington DC,Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahus dog bit two guests, The adopted 10-year-old pooch named Kaiya nipped MP Sharren Haskel and Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovelys husband during a candle-lighting ceremony at the prime ministers home, Donald Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway (depicted by Kate McKinnon on "SNL") said Trump would not be releasing his tax returns.

They have paid the supreme sacrifice in the war against the insurgency. the former British High Commissioner to Nigeria,he appeared as himself on an episode of How I Met Your Mother We will protest against any book that portrays a negative image of our society. I doubt any immigrants were helped by the spectacle.IDEAS Katy Steinmetz is a TIME correspondent based in San Francisco “There’s something visually arresting about the letter, and the spread of invasive species, companies filled vans quickly after their HR departments told employees about van-pooling programs, "Good public participation always improves quality of outcome, he added that.

while there are other plane restaurants around the world in places as far flung as Ghana and Costa Rica. had little with which to wage war: He was sporting less than $84, has said hes open to working with the President on border security and passing some form of the DREAM Act.

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