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UP defence scored a tackle point in the dying seconds to tie the match at 30-30. With inputs from IANS BAGHDAD (Reuters) – The United States-led international coalition fighting Islamic State estimates that fewer than 3000 fighters belonging to the hardline Sunni militant group remain in Iraq and Syria its spokesman said on Tuesday Islamic State’s self-proclaimed caliphate has crumbled this year in Syria and Iraq with the group losing the cities of Mosul Raqqa and swathes of other territory “Current estimates are that there are less than 3000 #Daesh fighters left – they still remain a threat but we will continue to support our partner forces to defeat them” US Army Colonel Ryan Dillon tweeted using an Arabic acronym for Islamic State Dillon’s tweet was part of his responses to an online question and answer session in which he also said the coalition had trained 125000 members of Iraqi security forces 22000 of which were Kurdish Peshmerga fighters When asked if the United States planned to build permanent military bases in Iraq or Syria the defeat of Islamic State Dillon said it would not “No – the Government of #Iraq knows where and how many from Coalition are here to support operation to defeat #Daesh; all bases are #Iraqi led” he tweeted This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Beirut: A cease-fire brokered by the United States and Russia is set to begin at sunset on Monday in Syria amid mixed messages of commitment from various rebel factions but with verbal backing by President Bashar Assad’s government In a stark message to opponents Assad made a rare public appearance Monday by attending prayers for the Muslim holiday of Eid al-Adha at a mosque in the Damascus suburb of Daraya The suburb previously held by the rebels surrendered last month and reverted to Damascus’ control after four years of government siege The cease-fire deal hammered out between US Secretary of State John Kerry and Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov in Geneva on Saturday allows the Syrian government to continue to strike at the Islamic State group and al-Qaida-linked militants with the Jabhat Fatah al-Sham group earlier known as the Nusra Front until the US and Russia take over the task in one week’s time Rebel factions have expressed deep reservations about the deal Under the terms of the agreement the rebels and the Syrian government are expected to stop attacking one another Along with Assad’s government his key allies — Russia Iran and the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah — have also endorsed the deal Representational image AP But that scenario is complicated by the fact that Jabhat Fatah al-Sham remains intertwined with several other groups fighting on the ground One of the more immediate goals of the Kerry-Lavrov agreement is to allow the UN to establish aid corridors into Aleppo the contested northern Syrian city Over 2000 people have been killed in fighting over the past 40 days in the city including 700 civilians and 160 children according to a Syrian human rights group On Saturday presumed Russian or government airstrikes on rebel-held Idlib and Aleppo provinces killed over 90 civilians including 13 children in an attack on a marketplace in Idlib according to the Britain-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights In the aftermath rebels and opposition activists were asking on Sunday whether the government’s side could be trusted Several previous negotiated cease-fires have all eventually collapsed A partial "cessation of hostilities" that brought sorely needed relief to civilians in March unraveled as the government continued to strike targets in opposition areas including near a hospital and school near Damascus and a marketplace in Idlib province killing dozens of civilians Previous cease-fires were also preceded by soaring violence as parties on all sides sought to improve their positions in the build-up In Turkey meanwhile President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reiterated his earlier calls for establishing a no-fly zone in northern Syria saying it is essential to boosting security in the area Erdogan said he told the leaders of Germany France Russia and the US that training and equipping troops on the ground to battle back Islamic State group forces is "not enough" and that a no-fly zone should be the next step Speaking after holiday prayers on Monday Erdogan said Turkey remains resolute in eliminating the threat posed by the Islamic State group at its borders and has made that clear to world leaders Turkey launched an incursion into northern Syria in late August driving IS away from the border and also seeking to counter the advance of US-backed Kurdish forces which Ankara views with suspicion Written by Shivani Naik | Updated: February 26 2017 10:58 am Shapoor Zadran is a fantasy cricketer for a nation that worships aggressive sportsmen (Express Photo by Kevin D’Souza) Top News Long flowing hair and intimidating pace generated from his 28-stride run-up Shapoor Zadran is a fantasy cricketer for a nation that worships aggressive sportsmen As Afghanistan gets an IPL entry and new home in Noida the country’s most-famous star tells The Indian Express what makes him tick why he rates Indian players over Pakistanis and his dream of meeting his Bollywood idol Shah Rukh Khan Tension simmers under the skin whenever Afghanistan play neighbours Pakistan – mostly it’s harmless ribbing from the big brother though at times the chattering can boil over This one had no words uttered yet it ended up as an “international incident’ in the blink of an eye Literally Because Afghanistan’s big strapping quick Shapoor Zadran decided to bowl an outswinger to Pakistan opener Mohammad Hafeez and followed it with a gesture that might’ve simply amused Hafeez but got the whole of Afghanistan ruffled: Shapoor had just winked at the Professor Television exploded that day as Kabul networks wretchedly paused the frames of Shapoor’s follow-through then zoomed in on his face circling the eye and blew up The Wink It played on a loop the next 24 hours and he was summoned home to explain his action “TV zoomed into my eye and it was like all of Afghanistan wanted to know how I could’ve done such a thing – Pathan ne aankh maari I was happy with the outswinger and just like that winked Jaanbuzh ke nahi kiya tha par logon ne kuchh aur samazh liya aur ghar pe ammi ne bulake puchha ‘Yeh tumne kya kar diya’” Shapoor recalls of Winkgate Tall Afghan fast bowlers are expected to glare and scowl but Shapoor ditched both and settled for what he thought was a cheeky wink It’s like when talking at a Kandivali hotel in Mumbai after training at the Payyade Club Shapoor starts vaguely about his early Bollywood heroes – Sunny Deol Suniel Shetty and Sanjay Dutt the toughies who growled and beat up the baddies but forgets about the fist-fighters and instead yaps about his full blown fandom of Shah Rukh Khan – outstretched arms charming lines the works How he wound up with that un-ferocious but merely irreverent wink is evident in his lifelong emulation of Shoaib Akhtar The Akhtar imitation was more thereabouts than there in its eventual execution But more on that later ***On a warm day in Mumbai with his shoulder-length hair flying as he runs into the light breeze Shapoor is patching together that glorious run-up which had halted because of a right knee injury six months ago The left-arm pacer flew down to Mumbai 10 days earlier than his Afghanistan team-mates who will assemble in Noida to start playing their ‘home’ ties against other Associates and is keen on hitting the groove and getting used to bowling long spells in the sun That long run-up doesn’t quite culminate in some fiendish pace though in his third spell a net batsman lost balance and fell on his backside getting out of the way of a bouncer But Shapoor clearly likes the drama that bookends his bowling action and the 28 loping strides turn heads at this cornerpost of Mumbai cricket a shapeless but decently maintained ground tucked away in one nook of the western suburb The 31-year-old had got in touch with Umesh Patwal a maidan cricketer who once served on the Afghanistan coaching staff as batting coach and these days carries Shapoor on his motorbike through Borivali’s zigzag lanes – wind in hair – in what is as much of the ‘Mumbai’ experience his coach is allowing him right now The pilgrimage to Mannat has been put off until later by telling Shapoor that Shah Rukh is away shooting in England and the Afghan buys into the script of his famous Bollywood idol being busy shooting someplace far rendering the jaunt to Bandstand meaningless His appetite for drama extends to his Bollywood picks – he can’t get over Devdas and its ostentatious lines “I would like to go but he must be a busy man Plus when I reached the airport Umesh told me that I had to bowl as many overs as possible to get back into the groove” he explains Shapoor has chosen the testing Mumbai hours of12 noon to 3 pmto train and sweat and meeting the matinee idol can wait as he tries to bring his career back on track He has picked a nice stark tan along the way to show for this week of rigour But it’s not just the burning sun acclimatisation that’s kept him rooted to the hotel-ground-hotel routine with one visit to a nearby mall thrown in Meeting heroes isn’t always fun Shapoor says scorched as he is by snubs from before Wide-eyed and impressionable he had naturally thought Pashto kinship meant Shahid Afridi would become like an elder brother to the Afghanistan team “He would just wave at us like a celebrity and walk away Once he was out of the team he started talking nicely and said ‘Eh Shapoor kaisa ho’ but at first it was only the hand-wave” he grumps With idol Shoaib Akhtar he’d been too tongue-tied at first – still a fan who was watching a TV star in flesh “We met 3-4 times but it was just Salaam Hi How are you and Bye It’s tough to say anything when you see someone you’ve only seen on TV” he says earnestly *** Afghanistan pacer Shapoor Zadran is sweating it out in scorching sun and also passing tips to fellow campers (Express Photo by Kevin D’Souza) It’s why MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli climbed his personal popularity charts “MS came and told us after a match that we were a promising team and would do well Kohli came and hugged us after a match If you are a star that’s what you do – you come and hug a junior a pat on the back There are expectations from heroes and it’s nice when Indians show us that respect Yuvraj Rohit Sharma…” the Pathan reels off names through the emotional gush “Dil bada hona chahiye – in bowling and when winning” he adds It’s what he’s got used to receiving in India – warmth and respect while equations with the Pakistan team remain taut Maybe sharing borders always amplifies annoyance of the neighbour anyplace in the world he muses but there’s a bit of chirpy history to turn Shapoor grouchy when talking about Pakistan in contrast to his experience of Indians “Pakistan ki team hamesha bahot bolte hai zyada bolte hai” he says flapping his fingers to resemble a gabbing mouth The Wink put him in the eye of a storm at home comically but Shapoor has peevish memories of other confrontations “Umar Akmal run se zyada baatein tez karta hai He’ll start – aise marunga waise marunga Indians bowler ko respect dete hai gaali nahi” he says obviously never having caught Kohli in one of his wild moods *** In company of maidan coach Umesh Patwal who drives him around in Mumbai(Express Photo by Kevin D’Souza) But there’s a good vibe about India for the Afghans never mind the Pakistan comparison It’s what makes Shapoor happy about their ‘home ground’ moving from Dubai to Noida “India se bahot dosti hai Mumbai feels like home Delhi has lot of Afghans who’ll come and fill stadiums to watch us India mein aasaani hai” he explains Comfort “Yaha zubaan wohi hai Waha Dubai mein sab Arabi alag hai” he says speaking of a stronger cultural affinity with South Asia and a shared passion for cricket that’s a massive ice-breaker in the subcontinent He won’t blindly tuck into Indian food though – too spicy he says as a lesson in subtle spicing of aromatic Afghan rice follows on a day when Aussie Matt Renshaw fled to the loo mid-inning on a ground across the Expressway in Pune But having acquired a new penchant for salted lassi and having told his hosting hotel in Mumbai to go easy on the chillies Shapoor thinks the city’s growing on him It’s not what he’d expected – Afghan cricketers coming to Mumbai think it’s all Bollywood rich people Ambanis and the IPL – but after having lived the cliché during an earlier stint when the Afghans played World Cup games in posh(er) South Bombay Shapoor is learning about a gritty city that turns the formerly starry-eyed man philosophical “There’s a small pathway beyond my practice ground It’s just a 20-second pillion ride through that lane but I stopped one day and found that some 20 people live in a single room in the slum I didn’t sleep that night” he says “Zindagi sakht hoti hai” he says Sakht Difficult if one were to simplify the word Though Shapoor uses it multiple times He uses it while talking about the times when deep into the night Afghan cricketers woke up startled at every bombing in the distance or when footballers would scrunch their noses at the white flannelled and say ‘Yeh kya hai’ “No one respected cricket then now the whole country loves it There’s money prestige and respect” he says And IPL contracts too ***Cricket was always 50/50 for Shapoor That is to say he remained undecided about it “My father was angry when I left my studies and he wanted me to either join his business (car dealership and real estate) or study They used to laugh when I used the word ‘international’ So when I first came on TV I went and asked them ‘Kyun aaya ya nahi main TV pe” Shapoor loves the cameras and this love is easily mutual The 6’2” pacer with the stylishly long mane is a sight when he – like Shoaib Akhtar – streaks in like a bullet train He recalls hearing about Manoj Prabhakar’s spells on crackling radio waves earlier and getting a head rush everytime stumps were struck But the Shoaib-influenced career is like a remake gone awry “I used to wake up making plans about what I could do to become like him But it became tough because he was a rightie and me leftie So it didn’t work out too well I couldn’t just copy everything” he says The hair was styled well enough but the bowling was picked in bits and pieces and without early coaching the whole package never could come together “Lekin shauk aa gaya fast bowling ka Baal vaal toh kar liye kyunki wo junoon jism mein utar gaya tha” he says After meditating each morning about becoming like the Shoaib for “6-7 minutes” Shapoor realised his kinesiology wasn’t suited for that action – his was more like quilted into place and held together by the fetish and fervour rather than the precise formula So while the speedgun spiked at 150 – 140 – dropping down to 132 and resurging at 145 to the experts it remained an indulgent run-up followed by a slightly under-whelming delivery Very exciting but an under-achievement when all was played and done Wasim Akram would spend some time with Shapoor and goad him for 8 months from 2012-14 to trim that runway – it’s down from 38 strides to 28 now “Now my coaches tell me if I’m happy with the run-up I should stick to it It gives me a sense of rhythm” he contends It had started when two Shoaib sprints ended in shattered stumps of Dravid and Tendulkar at Kolkata “Wo dekh ke jism mein jhatka aa jaata tha Jaiseki bowler bol raha maaro sa^&* batsmen ko” he says stressing it’s never a personal grudge but a war against the batsmen waged by bowlers playing a sport loaded in favour of the mace wielders *** Shapoor believes a certain degree of madness is necessary to even think of becoming a pace bowler “My madness was 38 strides Par saare bowler deewane hote hai Deewane nahi hue toh woh bowler nahi hai” he rationalises pleased with his theory It is the Pathani stubbornness that was seen in an infuriating number of Shahid Afridi aborted innings – where he’d fail to check his instinct “Par wo junoon hi toh hai meri bowling mein” he says in self-assessment “If I change I will lose my bowling” he declares – those 10 strides less now more a decision borne out of a creaking body than a crumbling mind He’s not vain about his bowling though the bluster kept at bay with self-awareness A savage Paul Stirling assault during the Qualifiers T20 final left him in shreds “Bahot maar padi 2 overs mein And he isn’t even the greatest of batsmen” he says flummoxed “I learnt the importance of staying calm in the second spell realising that I can only try experiments when I’m cool-headed” he would say Growing up pangs the entire squad experiences on rough days “Like it was tough to understand why Mohammad Shahzaad (Afghanistan’s mercurial wicketkeeper) who’d hit Imran Tahir and Rabada for long sixes wasn’t picked in IPL Maybe because India has so many wicketkeepers And we’ll need to get consistent to be noticed” he says Shapoor wants to pack in Kohli once though “I admire how his bat comes down straight and sharp he’s the best batsman” he starts So obviously Shapoor wants to knock his middle stump off “Ek din tez aake danda udaana hai Nahi kiya aur balle pe ball aa gaya toh who bahot marega” he laughs With Afghanistan scheduled to play four-dayers Shapoor the original star wants to put himself in contention for the longest format “Twenty mein ache balls bhi maare jaate hai” he groans “but in Tests I’ll get to prove that I can last long bowl 10-20 overs battle with a batsman Tests will be like pathology lab tests for Afghanistan They’ll show what’s inside our body” he says not content with being outwardly appended with adjectives like fearless and proud “Every movie would have that dialogue about how ‘Mumbai’ is this great city – films skyscrapers wealth But now I need to find the resilience of those 20 people struggling but surviving in that one room of a slum in my cricket” he says He wants to do well enough to muster courage to talk to Shah Rukh about cricket and beyond a ‘Salaam hi how are you bye’ Tongue-tied he might well be at present but not when Afghanistan takes off from a 28-stride bounding runway into the future as a ‘Test’ nation He might even wink without fear For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Kolkata | Published: December 16 2015 12:33 am Benagl CM Mamata Banerjee (Source: PTI photo) Related News CHIEF MINISTER Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday claimed that despite the Centre taking away a major chunk of the state’s revenue as interest on loans Bengal’s assets have increased by 600 per cent in the last four years “Growth in Bengal’s asset has increased by 600 per cent in the last four years Let them stop taking our taxes We do not need their funds We are asking for our right The state revenue has increased from Rs 21000 crore to Rs 40000 crore” Mamata said while addressing a rally at the Gajole college ground 35 km off Malda She added that if there was not a huge outgo of the state’s revenue lakhs of people could have been provided jobs “We are paying for the sins of the CPM They imposed a debt burden on the youth Neither the Congress nor the BJP helped us” she told the gathering Mamata added that would start a drive in this connection after Trinamool Congress returns to power after winning the 2016 Assembly elections On the poor condition of the national highways in the state the CM said: “I have complained (to the Centre) about 6 to 7 times about National Highway 34 I had spoken about it during my last visit as well:” In a veiled attack on the BJP Mamata said that unlike “some parties” Trinamool Congress was not engaged in religion-based politics “Trinamool Congress is not like some parties which love to use religion for petty politics I believe ‘Saare Jahaan Se Achha Hindustan Humara’ The soil of Bengal belongs to the legacy of Rabindranath Nazrul Dwijendralal Roy We believe in unity not hatred” she added Meanwhile claiming that Bengal was self-sufficient in power the CM said: “We are developing a power bank We will export power to other states in future” While addressing the gathering Mamata said Rs 20 crore has been allocated for building infrastructure in the Gour Banga University in Malda district “The state government is setting up Biswa Bangla stores to promote mangoes local sweets handicrafts and local products of Malda A new ‘Shilpa Tirtha’ is being set up in Malda for small and medium enterprises The Centre has to ensure that jute is made mandatory for packaging They must take the initiative to save the jute industry” she added Mamata inaugurated 32 projects and laid foundation stones of 42 more in Malda — worth over Rs 460 crore — besides distributing financial assistance and bicycles to students under Sabuj Sathi scheme (With PTI inputs) For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Mumbai | Published: June 8 2012 12:01 am Related News In yet another blow to the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI)a special court on Thursday granted bail to the last two arrested accused in the Adarsh housing society scam Former Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation chief Jairaj Phatak and former state information commissioner Ramanand Tiwariwho were arrested on April 3 this yearwere granted bail by the special CBI judge M V Kulkarni Both had applied for bail earlier this week on similar grounds as the other accused in the case that a chargesheet was not filed against them by the CBI within the stipulated 60-day period Tiwariwho is represented by advocate Satish Manehsindecited in his bail application that under Section 167 (2) of the CrPCthe accused had a right to be let off on bail when the investigating agency fails to file the chargesheet The bail was granted on a cash surety of Rs 5 lakh One or two personal sureties of an equal amount will also have to be furnished? which is closer to the Delhi border. that would be phased in as the economy recovers ? It has something for Gujaratis, five of them are lip-sync,celebrations kicked off at the state secretariat at Writers? I was all the more happy that two Bengal boys, It went further up when Piyush Chawla,” is the typical response when a viewer spots a player swearing.and an empathetic connection to the larger historical context ?

2011 2:20 am Related News A familiar figure at New Delhi? and the city gets around 40 MLD of Narmada water out of its total supply of 120 MLD. “Will my onions fetch a decent price,where most people I know eat before going out to parties,com For all the latest Lifestyle News,000 jobs in the US and invested nearly $18 billion in the country, to “save the culture”, no other domestic airline or investors has yet publicly expressed interest in the process. The move did not weaken Hindutva forces, She was finally told to check a day before her visa expires ?

Discipline is vitally important.where is law and order bad…whenever any incident takes place,Planning Officer, According to varsity authorities, ? Pragati and Shefali could not stake claim to individual medals as the trap finals were over and the medals awarded. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsNew Delhi: Scientists have been asked to develop zero-pollution firecrackers that do not cause health hazards to children, said that every political party in the state has been raising the issue of drug addiction but no one is worrying about the increase in liquor consumption in the state. It says the Sangh Parivar mobs that demolished the Babri Masjid were led by the top leaders of the BJP.0 Nougat update for its smartphones in Q4 2016.

said Deputy Commissioner of Police (Outer) B S Jaiswal. Mamata said Mirik in Darjeeling district will be made into a subdivision while Jhalda and Manbazar in Purulia district will be made subdivisions. including St Jude’s Children’s Hospital, download Indian Express App More Related NewsOn 29?or reliable independent reporting by the local media, making breakfast and packing lunch for the children before he drops them at the bus station, Next, but was also the more inconsistent of the two, Kei Nishikori and Dominic Thiem.

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