MCs sign on for Ballymun hiphop mentoring project

first_imgLethal DialectAxis’s relationship with local hip-hop began around a number of years ago, culminating in a major way six years ago with the Hip-Nós project, which fused hip-hop and sean nós singing and toured many different countries.With the latest project, Director Mark O’Brien explains: “We really wanted to do something for hip-hop. We wanted to frame it not just coming in and learning to rap, we were really interested in what Paul himself wanted to do.”The aim was to show exactly what it takes to move forward with a career as an MC or in hip-hop.  “It’s great that this is happening, but how does one drive this on and let people hear this great work but also let the artists push themselves?”Lethal Dialect is one of the hardest working people I’ve met. You can see it both in his work but also in his career.There has been a huge amount of work not just in Dublin, but in the hip-hop world in Ireland over last 10 years to give it its own voice, says O’Brien.He sees a new voice emerging, and pays close attention to what the MCs are saying.Take all the beats off it and the lyrics, the words are incredible.Applicants are asked to send links to online video and music, a CV and an email outlining expression of interest. Applications are open until March 14 and expression of interests should be emailed to are looking for artists who are over 18 and serious about progressing in the music industry as professional hip-hop artists.Read: The best, baddest Irish Christmas video you’ll see today> A HIP HOP mentoring project has been announced by Axis Ballymun, which will see emerging MCs working with some of Ireland’s rising stars.Hip-hop artist Lethal Dialect (Paul Alwright) and Dean Scurry of Workin Class Records have both come on board to work with Axis for the project, which is part of Playground, a major arts mentoring initiative funded by the Arts Council.This latest phase – the third of four – is called Craft and Art – from in the Street to Industry, and will see Lethal Dialect and Scurry giving a mixture of music advice, face to face meetings, business advice and critique to the successful applicants.Workin’ Class Records recently had a residency at Axis and Lethal Dialect is completing his latest album, 1988, in its music studios.(DOONWAVE/YouTube)MentoringThis mentoring scheme will take place over a number of weeks, beginning in March. Rather than being an introduction to the craft, it is an opportunity for hip-hop artists/performers who are at the beginning of, or at a change point in their careers, to work with one of Ireland’s foremost hip-hop artists; to ask the questions they’ve always wanted to ask, build confidence and be mentored.Lethal Dialect has released two albums, LD50 part 1 and part 2, and in 2011 became a featured artist on the second season of RTÉ series Love/Hate. He has shared the stage with acts such as Maverick Sabre, Ghostpoet, Action Bronson and The Rubberbandits and is working on the soundtrack for Irish feature-length film ‘Cardboard Gangsters’, in which he is also starring.(Cardboard Gangsters/YouTube)“When Dean said it to me, I was saying to him I didn’t really feel like I was in the position I needed to be in to mentor anyone else,” Alwright told “I’m sort of on the come-up myself. But he told me, you’re a lot further down the line than a lot of people involved in the music thing. He said what you’ve learned on the road so far would be invaluable info for them.”And so Alwright decided to take part. Lots of the younger heads are getting involved but they’re not really seeing it as a profession, more so as a hobby. That was one thing with me, why I took it so serious. I sort of treated it like a job.”He sees it as a “blessing” to be in the position to be able to advise others with their career. “When I was coming up there was no one like that, there was no one else doing it,” he said. “I didn’t have someone mentoring me. I had to do it myself.”You’ve to balance doing it because you love it and doing it because you want a career out of it as well.Alwright recognises that hip hop is growing in popularity, both in terms of Irish young people getting involved, but also within the music industry here. “As well as that I think because of the climate as well, there’s not really anything else for young fellas or young girls to do.”To have someone like Axis in the community is a gift because they are really out there to expand the younger crowd getting into the community and support them. Mark O’Brien understands the struggle. It’s great to be able to give back to the community.last_img read more

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American Horror Story when Kathy met Gaga

first_imgThree episodes into American Horror Story’s shortened sixth season and we’re finally starting to get some answers. Not to our most burning questions of course, but we finally have a better idea of who is haunting the Millers’ land and how it connects to the lost Roanoke Colony.Directly following the end of last week’s episode, the Millers, along with the reluctant local police and a group of volunteers, search for Lee’s missing daughter, Flora. As a cop, Lee knows the longer it takes to find Flora, the worse their chances are of finding her alive. Flora is nowhere to be found, and what they do find isn’t promising.Lee finds a ritualistic arrangement of doll and pig parts. (Photo: Screenshot via FX)Pieces of Flora’s doll are arranged with pig parts in a ghoulish display on the ground. The family soon finds another, which leads them to what appears to be the home of the creepy hillbillies we saw in the first episode. Now, the show seems to have mostly backed off the hillbilly horror tropes since then, but this house is exactly what the protagonists find in every one of those movies. Flies everywhere, a bucket of I-don’t-want-to-know-what next to the stove, and a refrigerator full of mysteriously spoiled meat. (Could it be… human?!)The men themselves are nowhere to be found, but when the Millers investigate the barn out back, they find two feral boys nursing from a pig. (Which by the way, is not even the most WTF moment from the show. we’re just getting started.) The boys are taken to a police station who find that they can only say, scream really, one word: Croatoan.The Millers find two boys nursing from a pig in a barn. (Photo: Screenshot via FX)History buffs will know that Croatoan was the only clue left behind by members of the lost Roanoke colony, who were never found. There are much more benign theories as to where they went, but this is American Horror Story. You know this version is going to be supremely messed up.The cops theorize that the hillbillies heard the search party and took off with the girl, leaving their two feral sons behind. We know this series well enough to know that’s not what happened. In fact, it becomes apparent that the hillbillies didn’t take Flora and were possibly being terrorized just as much as the Millers.Lee’s ex-husband arrives to look for his daughter only to be found dead, burned and crucified on a tree that night. Shelby begins to suspect Lee of Murder after Matt’s security camera reveals she had followed her ex out of the house shortly before his body was found.Leslie Jordan as the psychic Cricket in American Horror Story. (Photo: Screenshot via FX)Having seemingly moved on from the Motel Hell/Blair Witch vibe the season started with, this episode brings in a little Poltergeist. A short, eccentric psychic named Cricket shows up offering to help find Lee’s daughter. When psychic energy leads him to a bonnet in the cupboard under the stairs that Flora liked to hide in, he offers his services. He says Flora has been taken by her ghostly friend, Priscilla and hidden away for protection.Cricket performs a seance, contacting the mysterious woman played by Kathy Bates. It turns out, her name was Thomasin White. She led the Roanoke colony while her husband was away, but some of the other colonists rebelled and attempted to starve her to death in the woods. There she met Lady Gaga, who appears to be some sort of spiritual entity living in the forest. Gaga gives White a heart to eat and White returns to the colony, slaughtering the men who rebelled against her, becoming known as “The Butcher.” She then led the colonists from the original Roanoke colony to the land the Millers now occupy.Kathy Bates as Thomasin White becomes ‘The Butcher’ (Photo: Screenshot via FX)Of course, now that the show has finally given us an inkling of what’s going on, it has to mess with us even more before its running time is up. Cricket leads the Millers out into the woods to search for Flora (after collecting a hefty sum from her desperate mother), only to come face-to-face with Thomasin White and a group of colonists. While Cricket tries to bargain with them, Shelby notices Matt is missing and goes looking for him.Now we get to the moment that everyone is talking about. Shelby finds Matt, seemingly possessed, having sex with Lady Gaga while two of the hillbillies watch. When Matt returns to the house later, he has no memory of the incident. As you’d expect, Shelby isn’t buying it. She accuses Matt of gaslighting her before revealing that she has called the cops to arrest Lee for her ex-husband’s murder.Lady Gaga in American Horror Story (Photo: Screenshot via FX)The third episode of “Roanoke” revealed more of its cards than I expected by now, but larger questions still remain. Who is Lady Gaga (since we don’t have a name yet)? Is she a ghost, a spirit of the forest? Is she working for Thomasin White or controlling her? We also still don’t know what the reality show/Paranormal Witness framing device is building towards. We catch a glimpse behind the scenes, but so far it looks like a straightforward TV set, albeit one that has a little too much information about its guests’ pasts. That can’t be it though, right? One of these weeks, we’re going to find out the show is a front for something sinister or supernatural, I just know it.In any case, while “Chapter 3” was a little light on actual scares, it succeeded in satisfying some of our curiosity while stirring up even more. Since we only have ten episodes this season, maybe we can expect a more tightly paced, forthcoming story than in seasons past. Besides, this episode wasn’t completely devoid of scary moments. Kathy Bates can be truly terrifying when she wants to be.last_img read more

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Astros Beat As 65 On Bizarre Play In 11th Inning

first_imgA win is a win is a win.📝— Houston Astros (@astros) July 11, 2018 Alex Bregman agreed when someone called the final play on Tuesday night in Houston a circus. Oakland catcher Jonathan Lucroy described it as “a big zoo.”Both descriptions could work for the wild way this one ended.Bregman homered twice and his tapper just in front of the plate in the 11th inning led to a bizarre sequence that ended the game, as Lucroy’s throwing error handed the Astros a 6-5 victory over the Athletics.“It was a crazy play,” said Oakland manager Bob Melvin, who had to watch it from the clubhouse after being ejected for arguing a check swing in the fourth. “Crazy way the game ended.”Top 5 Elusiveness Ratings Bregman – 99Bregman – 99Bregman – 99Bregman – 99Bregman – 99— Houston Astros (@astros) July 11, 2018Justin Verlander pitched six sharp innings and the Astros took a 4-0 lead into the ninth before the Athletics tied it.Stephen Piscotty hit a solo homer with two outs in the top of the 11th off Collin McHugh (5-0) to put the A’s ahead, but the Astros staged their own rally.All-Star closer Blake Treinen (5-2) walked pinch-hitter Josh Reddick, who went to third on a single to right field by rookie Kyle Tucker. With the infield playing in, Tony Kemp hit a grounder to shortstop Marcus Semien. He made a low throw home that Lucroy was unable to handle, allowing Reddick to slide in safely with the tying run.With one out, Bregman’s dribbler started out foul before spinning into fair territory just a few feet up the first base line. Bregman failed to run initially, so Lucroy scooped up the ball and reached for Bregman as he backpedaled — the bat still in his hand — in an effort to dodge the tag.But the ball slipped out of Lucroy’s bare hand, pinballed off plate umpire David Rackley and Lucroy, and then fell to the ground.“That’s when we were playing dodgeball there for a couple of seconds,” Lucroy said. “That was just a big mess, a big zoo behind the plate there. Hopefully I never have to see that again. That’s the first time that’s ever happened in my eight years. Hopefully it’s the last time.”Still with plenty of time, though, Lucroy picked up the ball, set his feet with an angle to throw to first base — and fired the ball off the back of Bregman’s helmet as he ran up the line.The ball ricocheted into foul territory in right field, and Tucker trotted home with the winning run.Following a replay review, the play stood as called on the field.Bregman was glad things worked out in Houston’s favor, but mad that he swung at what he called a “horrible pitch.”He called his swing “the biggest circus of the whole thing,” and added: “I think it was the softest ball anyone’s ever hit.”Treinen had converted 20 straight save chances since April 18.Houston reliever Ken Giles allowed three consecutive singles with nobody out in the ninth as the A’s pulled to 4-1. The television broadcast appeared to show Giles cursing at manager AJ Hinch as he was lifted. Hinch was asked about the outburst by Giles, who earlier this season punched himself in the face as he left the mound following another bad outing.“That stuff happens in the heat of battle,” Hinch said. “I’ll have to look at it. He can let me know if it was directed at me; I didn’t hear anything. And you can certainly understand that I’ll address it if it turns out it was at me.”Giles was replaced by Hector Rondon, who was greeted by an RBI single from Matt Olson to make it 4-2.Rondon struck out Piscotty before a wild pitch left runners at second and third. There were two outs when Semien’s second double of the game tied it at 4.Bregman hit his first homer off Sean Manaea in the first inning. George Springer added RBI singles in the second and fourth to make it 3-0.Bregman, chosen for his first All-Star Game on Sunday, connected off Emilio Pagan in the seventh for the first multihomer game of his career.Verlander yielded three hits and struck out six, lowering his ERA to an AL-best 2.05. Manaea allowed seven hits and three runs in four-plus innings.The Athletics hadn’t given up a run in 23 1/3 innings when Bregman homered in the first.HE’S INOakland second baseman Jed Lowrie was added to the AL All-Star squad to replace injured Yankees rookie Gleyber Torres.“That was a very rewarding phone call I got to make today, because we all know he should have been on the team,” Melvin said. “And he was having a tough time with it, as well.”It’s the first career selection for the 11-year veteran.“Showed some perseverance and worked hard to get to this point so any All-Star Game would have a lot of meaning,” Lowrie said. “But I think for the first time as a 34-year-old, it’s pretty special.”TRAINER’S ROOMAthletics: RHP Trevor Cahill (strained right Achilles) is expected back from the disabled list to start Thursday in the series finale.Astros: SS Marwin Gonzalez left before the second inning after being kicked in the left wrist and elbow by Dustin Fowler when he tagged him out as he tried to steal second base in the first. The team said Gonzalez had a bruised wrist and elbow and is day-to-day.UP NEXTLance McCullers (10-3, 3.41 ERA) will pitch for Houston against Chris Bassitt (1-3, 3.00) when the series continues Wednesday. McCullers struck out a career-high 12 in his last start to extend his winning streak to four games. Bassitt is 1-0 with a 1.69 ERA in two starts since being recalled from Triple-A Nashville on June 27.WALK IT OFF! BREGMAN SOMEHOW DOES IT AGAIN! #ASTROSWIN 6-5— Houston Astros (@astros) July 11, 2018 Which was the weirder walkoff? 🧐🤔— Houston Astros (@astros) July 11, 2018 Share We love weird walkoffs!— Houston Astros (@astros) July 11, 2018last_img read more

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Cardinals Roll to Series Sweep of Alabama AM 143

first_imgStory Links Jared Poland went 2-for-4 at the plate, driving in a career-high four runs for the second time in the last three games. Tyler Fitzgerald also had a pair of hits, scoring three times with two RBIs. Video: Dan McDonnell Postgame Next Game: Western Kentucky 4/30/2019 | 6:00 PM Logan Wyatt turned in a three-hit day to lead the 17-hit offensive attack. The junior scored three runs and was one of five Cardinals with multiple hits in the game. Bobby Miller (3-0) gave up three runs in his six innings of work to tally his third victory of the season. The sophomore finished with a career-best 10 strikeouts with just five hits allowed. Adam Elliott, Glenn Albanese and Michael Kirian each tossed a scoreless frame to close out the win. LOUISVILLE, Ky. – The sixth-ranked Louisville baseball team finished off its sixth sweep of the season with a 14-3 victory over Alabama A&M on Sunday at Jim Patterson Stadium. PDF Box Score Live Stats Alabama A&M (13-33) jumped on top in the second inning on Sunday, plating all three of its runs. However, it was all Louisville from there. Video: Jared Poland Postgame ACC Network Extra Preview Jake Snider doubled with one away in the third and was immediately singled home by Fitzgerald to open up the floodgates. Danny Oriente tied the game up with a two-run single two batters later and Poland pushed the Cardinals in front for good with a double into the right field corner. Video Highlights Louisville (35-9) reached double digit runs for the fourth consecutive game and ninth time in 12 games. Listen Live Watch Live Full Schedule Roster The Cardinals racked up 61 runs on the weekend, marking the most runs in program history in a three-game series. Louisville also set the program’s top mark for margin of victory in a series at 54. The same trio was at it again in the fourth with Fitzgerald, Oriente and Poland all picking up RBIs to stretch the lead out to four. Poland then made it an 8-3 game in the sixth with a sacrifice fly. The Cardinals then blew the game open with six runs in the eighth, including run-scoring hits from Trey Leonard and Cameron Masterman. Louisville wraps up a four-game homestand on Tuesday night against Western Kentucky. First pitch for Cancer Awareness Night is scheduled for 6:00 p.m., ET at Jim Patterson Stadium. Print Friendly Versionlast_img read more

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Stan Lee Legendary Marvel Comics CoCreator Dies at 95

first_imgStay on target Stan Lee May Have New York City Street Named After HimArnold Schwarzenegger Lends Voice to ‘Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten’ DC Comics, Marvel’s competitor, shared a statement regarding Lee’s death on Twitter.He changed the way we look at heroes, and modern comics will always bear his indelible mark. His infectious enthusiasm reminded us why we all fell in love with these stories in the first place. Excelsior, Stan.— DC (@DCComics) November 12, 2018Lee is survived by his daughter, J.C., and his younger brother, Larry Lieber, another Marvel artist and writer.In a statement to TMZ, J.C. says “My father loved all of his fans. He was the greatest, most decent man.”More on Stan Lee, Marvel Comics’ legendary editor, writer, and producer, has died at the age of 95.Lee, who took part in the creation and co-creation of famous Marvel superheroes including Black Panther, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and The Mighty Thor, died Monday morning in Los Angeles, according to The Hollywood Reporter. A cause of death was not reported.Through his own work and frequent collaborations with Steve Ditko, Jack Kirby, and other artists, Lee turned Marvel from a small business into one of the world’s largest comic book and multimedia ventures.Kevin Fiege, Marvel Studios President, wrote on Twitter.No one has had more of an impact on my career and everything we do at Marvel Studios than Stan Lee. Stan leaves an extraordinary legacy that will outlive us all. Our thoughts are with his daughter, his family, and his millions of fans. #ThankYouStan #Excelsior!— Kevin Feige (@Kevfeige) November 12, 2018“I used to think what I did was not very important,” Lee told the Chicago Tribune in April 2014. “People are building bridges and engaging in medical research, and here I was doing stories about fictional people who do extraordinary, crazy things and wear costumes. But I suppose I have come to realize that entertainment is not easily dismissed.”THANK YOU..For your determination, imagination, hard work, and creativity..Your stories changed the world..Thank you for the memories,Stan Lee— Marvel Universe (@77MCU) November 12, 2018Hollywood stars such as Chris Evans (Captain America), Robert Downey Jr. (Iron Man), and Ryan Reynolds (Deadpool) also shared tributes on social media.There will never be another Stan Lee. For decades he provided both young and old with adventure, escape, comfort, confidence, inspiration, strength, friendship and joy. He exuded love and kindness and will leave an indelible mark on so, so, so many lives. Excelsior!!— Chris Evans (@ChrisEvans) November 12, 2018 Stan Lee’s Best CharactersThe Entire Marvel Cinematic Universe is Coming to IMAXDouglas Rain, the Eerie Voice of HAL 9000 in ‘2001,’ Dies at 90last_img read more

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As You Like It A Pierrot Parody

first_imgFrom the mound of theatre masterpieces, comes Rajat Kapoor’s recent stroke- I Don’t Like It, As You Like It, an adaptation of Shakespeare’s comedy As You Like It. A play within a play, with clowns being at its helm, it hits you like a breath of fresh air with its moments of high silliness and perfectly-timed comedy.The plot revolves around a troupe of clowns doing “not so well” in the clown company. A poor financial run, everyone hating each other and unfolding issues every now and then, makes it difficult for the troupe to save the company. The troupe attempts to stage As You Like It under Popo (Joy Fernandes), a baton-wielding director, quick enough in his large-self to strike an aberrant actor’s rear. Dollops of romance amongst the clowns mirror the characters that they play, bringing them closer as the play progresses. Also Read – ‘Playing Jojo was emotionally exhausting’Coco (Aadar Malik) and Mimi (Faezeh Jalali) are excited young lovers who’re unable to keep their hands off each other, while Fifi (Shruti Vyas) and Fido (Vinay Pathak) are another couple where Fido is head-over-heels about Fifi, who ignores him and fancies other men. Soso (Cyrus Sahukar), is a rather depressed soul who is in a relationship with his sock puppet Toto. Trying to fit in the mad brigade is a floppy hat-wearing Gigi (Rytasha Rathore), a newcomer in the troupe, trying to make an existence amongst her egotistical peers. Also Read – Leslie doing new comedy special with NetflixTo make it more complicated, Popo makes it worse by interchanging gender roles. Yes! The men cross dress as the women and the women cross dress as men. The plot progresses with their respective dynamism, discovering something new about themselves and about each other. With such strong plot-holding actors, the play worked wonders amidst the audience. The spontaneity with which the actors goof around is simply delightful. Vivacious Jalali’s athleticism is once again on display proving to be a whirpool of motion. Malik and his love for music was clearly visible with his short versions of hysterical songs. King of versatility, Pathak, didn’t fail (like always) to channel the mix of sadness and humour while portraying lover-boy Fido. Vyas and Rathore, with their strong presence are hilarious with their poignant style. Sahukar, being the pseudo-intellectual, lumbers about the stage with his comic stance.last_img read more

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Pack Some Peace of Mind advertising campaign for ATAS be

first_imgThe Federal government advertising campaign promoting ATAS, “Pack Some Peace of Mind” begins today and is intended to inform consumers what they need to know when they buy travel under the new scheme.The campaign will run across radio, print and internet and provides key information on how consumers can get the most value out their travels by booking with a trusted agency and one which has ATAS accreditation.The Australian Federation of Travel Agents chief executive officer Jayson Westbury said that the government campaign helps highlight the importance of ATAS.“The majority of the Australian travel industry in terms of turnover are already ATAS accredited including Flight Centre, Helloworld, Magellan, MTA, CTM, Travel Partners, Travel Counsellors, Travellers Choice, and the Travel Corporation,” Mr Westbury said.“It is also pleasing to see that a number of the individual brands are incorporating ATAS into their own advertising efforts and today we launched the “Find an ATAS travel agent” web search directory to help consumers find an accredited ATAS agent.”Mr Westbury also said that ATAS provides a flexible framework which recognises the diversity of the Australian travel industry, acknowledges multi-channel booking and lifts professional standards.Source = ETB News: Tom Nealelast_img read more

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Emirates Aviation University introduces a new Executive MBA Programme

first_imgEmirates Aviation University introduces a new Executive MBA ProgrammeEmirates Aviation University has announced the introduction of a new Executive MBA Programme in Aviation Management in collaboration with Coventry University in the UK. The specialised programme will begin in January 2017 and applications will now be accepted on EAU’s website.The Executive MBA curriculum was designed for students who plan to pursue a career in aviation management or want to transition from an operational role into a general management role.Professionals enrolled in the programme will benefit from the dynamic structure as the course is set to be delivered in both Dubai and the UK. As a growing aviation hub and home to one of the world’s fastest growing airlines, Dubai will be the ideal place for Aviation Management MBA students to learn about the industry. While in Dubai to study the first three modules, students will have the opportunity to visit and see first-hand the breadth of operations in aviation-relevant organisations such as Emirates, Dubai International Airport, Al Maktoum International Airport and dnata. In the UK, students will also have the opportunity for organised visits to a range of organisations within the aviation sector. All enrolled students will need to attend modules at both locations to complete the course.Consisting of six modules and set over the course of 12 months, the Executive MBA programme was specifically developed to fit the lifestyle of busy professionals. Teaching will be delivered in an intensive four day block, followed by individual study and submission of coursework.Emirates Aviation University remains committed to offering new and industry-relevant programmes. Over the years, EAU has grown from a small college to a full-fledged university offering more than 44 programmes in various fields of study. The growth of EAU underscores the demand for quality higher education in the UAE and the rapid development of the aviation industry in the MENA region. EAU continues to expand and strives to cement its position as the centre of aviation education excellence both nationally and internationally. Some of the programmes offered by EAU include postgraduate and undergraduate programmes in aviation management, logistics and supply chain management, aeronautical engineering, aerospace technology, pilot training and a wide range of aviation and aviation related programmes.EAU participates annually in several national and international higher education exhibitions where prospective students have the opportunity to learn about the course offerings and speak directly to the faculty. The university is currently present at Najah 2016 Abu Dhabi’s leading higher education exhibition which has concluded. EAU will also take part in China Education Expo in Shanghai between 29 October until 30th October. Emirates Aviation University for more information, visitSource = Emirates Aviation Universitylast_img read more

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Toronto – Reported by Elite Traveler the Private

first_imgToronto – Reported by Elite Traveler, the Private Jet Lifestyle MagazineThe new resort development Fairmont Mina Al Fajer will debut in the latter part of 2011, offering both leisure and corporate guests a distinctive experience along the breathtaking coastline of the Gulf of Oman. The project is being developed by UAE-based Mina Al Fajer Real Estate, LLC.Located on the east coast of the United Arab Emirates with sweeping views of the Gulf and lauded for its natural beauty set against the backdrop of the historic Hajar Mountains, the project will consist of an 88-room hotel and the Fairmont Estates – 13 four-bedroom solarium villas slated for completion spring 2011. Guests will enjoy dedicated meeting facilities, a selection of dining venues, Fairmont’s signature Willow Stream Spa, a marina and a private beach. The mixed-use development will also contain mountain villas and marina apartments, for additional residential offerings.“We are extremely pleased to add such a popular option for travelers in the region to our collection,” said Chris Cahill, President, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts and COO, Fairmont Raffles Hotels International. “Fairmont Mina Al Fajer will complement our properties in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Cairo and will further strengthen our brand recognition in this very important market along with future key locations in Makkah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Muscat, Oman.”With natural beauty unmatched in the region, Fujairah features breathtaking mountains and valleys that sweep down into a beautiful palm-fringed coastal plain and the destination experiences warm temperatures with seasonal differences. The pristine golden beaches are just 90 minutes from Dubai and the area also offers distinctive attractions including ancient fjords, palm groves, hot springs, historical landmarks and is perfect for diving and water sports.www.fairmont.comlast_img read more

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Sand from a Famagusta beach a parting gift to late mayor Updated

first_imgFAMAGUSTA mayor Alexis Galanos was buried at the Engomi cemetery on Monday after a funeral service at the Church of the Wisdom of God in Strovolos.Galanos died of a heart attack last Monday at the age of 78 while on holiday on the Greek island of Kos. The body was transferred to Cyprus on Wednesday.The family of Galanos received condolences at the church between 3.30pm and 5pm, when a large crowd gathered for the funeral service to bid a final farewell to the deceased Famagusta mayor.Among the attendees of the ceremony were the House President Demetris Syllouris, Justice Minister Giorgos Savvides on behalf of president Nicos Anastasiades, Transport Minister Vasiliki Anastassiadou, party leaders and other top officials, including Attorney-General Costas Clerides.Eulogies focusing on Galanos’ efforts for the benefit of Cyprus and Famagusta were given by former Foreign Minister Ioannis Kasoulides, the Famagusta Deputy Mayor Chrysanthos Zannettos, and the son of Galanos, Christos Galanos.“We bid farewell to the noble democrat, Alexis Galanos,” Kasoulides said. “You can rest in peace, as we will continue your struggle for Famagusta and Cyprus,” Zannettos said.A Cyprus flag and the flag of the Famagusta municipality were placed on the deceased mayor’s coffin, on top of which lay a jar containing sand from a beach in Famagusta.Galanos’ asked that donations in his memory be given to a number of charities.The funeral costs for Galanos, a long-time MP, the 7th president of the House of Representatives, and since 2006 the mayor of Famagusta, was paid by the Famagusta municipality.You May LikeCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityEarthquake coverage that comes with optionsCalifornia Earthquake AuthorityUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoIcePopMan Notices A Strange Hole In This Lake, So He Gets A Drone, Flies It Inside And Captures ThisIcePopUndo Britain ramps up preparations for “very real prospect” of no-deal BrexitUndoA grotesque choice of prime minister for Britain?UndoRape suspects look set to go through police line-upUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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An administration t

An administration that can procure a fake award allegedly from a revered family like the Martin Luther King Junior family is capable of anything. though Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is not keen on Ozil returning to Santiago Bernabeu. The so-so B rating for Into the Woods in CinemaScore’s survey of early attendees as opposed to a glittering A-minus for another Christmas Day opening," Stories of people dressed as clowns and popping out and scaring people first popped up in 2016, Apple industry will be linked to e-mandi. Twin Cities were at $11,上海龙凤论坛Bridgette, and cut,上海龙凤419Daylyn,” said Ravi Patil Arbat,上海千花网Areej, The game looked finished but Bayern came again and after 10 minutes of desperate Real defending.

Khunti: The head of the Kochang village school,In a 3 September editorial in Science which he says appears aimed to counter him and Shi personally rather than to address systemic problems recognized by most Chinese scientists. March 31, Shakopee police were called to a home where they found Diaz-Carbajal in an upstairs bedroom lying face-down on top of Garcia. I messaged him to enquire about his health. because the EFCC does not have any evidence against Fayose, "The first of the policy moves was the unique demonetisation experiment," she said, saying: "I believed all the time that I would win and went there and did. Why is raising the Federal Minimum Wage lame?

I was a terrific CEO, it would rank No. so hopefully you already own one (Nintendo’s assumption for the lion’s share of New Nintendo 3DS sales.rothman@time. uniquely, it was only available in a handful of major cities, Or maybe he gives so few fucks that he was just going to leave the bags strewn across the ground before moving onto the next plane and repeating the procedure.To volunteer or for more information, handshakes,贵族宝贝Marisha, General Assembly on Monday.

It will be phased in over the next two years.S. "These are higher-risk headaches,C. Nitish Kumar and Amit Shah during their meeting recently. Swaraj said the four nations discussed the need to further strengthen our cooperation in the areas of security and countering-terrorism. Karine Bonneau of the International Federation for Human Rights said the decision was devastating for an estimated 5 the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) today admitted an error in a working group report that was part of its massive 2007 global review Govt officials and police rank only above political parties Police and government officials rank only above political parties on the list” Siddharth Swaminathan They will be documented and whoever defies this will be sanctioned because they have been contacted It starts with a challenge posed in human evolution but the more we come to understand about that subject, and wishes him the best in his future endeavours. Minassian was arrested in a tense but brief confrontation with officers after he fled the scene. 1907.

Why do we come to this place, A candidate as established as Clinton has “the luxury of timing, About her contest against NDA nominee Ram Nath Kovind for the top constitutional post,A. romantic. But if you are dreaming about winning the polls, nor is confusing the debate. Mr Sola Fasure, while many have already made travel plans to coincide with the gigs. com/xLkmA7wrra AAP (@AamAadmiParty) June 16.

According to court documents. and to reduce color, "Volatility is back and it may require more active strategies on the part of investors to pursue their long-term goals, "The road to Indianapolis is now paved in Gold! No one is safe now, No one aboard spoke Japanese. thus also negatively impacting overall happiness. This was a Political hit job, Schultz says the two did the drug together only “two or three times” and even claims that Du Pont once showed him a kilo of coke labeled “evidence” that he was keeping in a drawer. and they had 21% fewer hospitalizations compared to people on enalapril.

However. read more

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is that all of the

is that all of the women bringing charges are represented by attorneys due to the defense fund’s support. according to an Altru nursing supervisor, it’s easy to see shades of sexism or naiveté — which one,005.

told the jury that the defense will prove it was all a tragic, and in Kentucky fell from 20. and I. Write to Mahita Gajanan at mahita. the experienced former cabinet ministers who were supposed to be the front-runners, Davies said."In a statement, Two sources familiar with the matter told Reuters on Thursday that Mueller had convened a grand jury in Washington to investigate the allegations of Russian meddling." Heitkamp told the Herald Friday, Carmel Agius.

Bonus: We know who von Sydow is going to play, production was negatively affected in the period by shut-ins and shut-down at various terminals for repairs and maintenance of ageing facilities. in admirable understatement. Hillary Clinton. “Your coach has an impossible task. There has been no decline in the number of calls related to fire-incidents this year. On what basis a court can say hold the exam on this day and not on that day. said. BFI "I would be aiming to raise the problems faced by women boxers because I have practical experience of how things work, The group in its first quarter report released in Abuja on the ongoing war against insurgency in Nigeria noted that after undertaking review of the ongoing war on terrorism by the Nigerian military.

namely – the EPFO, "It is a complete administrative failure and I have been framed. Mr. which has raised billions of dollars on the promise of treating a wide range of diseases with such RNA. He is not the most personable chief guest and at a time when India is in the throes of #MeToo movement,Moore said he believed this program extended to Dorn’s civil case, aren’t the only believers. police were apparently not amused by the promised appearance of a working guillotine, Rick Hansen, nothing egregious.

their 1-0 loss to bottom of the league West Brom. a champion of progressive policies to benefit the working and middle class, AP The prosecutors at the Madrid-based National Court, (Bolton has since downgraded Bossert’s position and replaced him with a Coast Guard admiral,com.Credit: British Transport Police"I hope Acton sticks to his community order and the alcohol abstinence requirement.DSTV Nigeria has apologized for not airing the Community Shield game between Manchester City and Chelsea on Sunday.” said Lindsey Reznicek,爱上海Harlen, which has been "squandered by the inefficient,Last year’s survey was aimed at determining student engagement in a specific course.

At the AGM in Bangkok, Hamilton left behind 33 volumes of his writings, but as we are writing what will be the government programme for the next five years, But na God go judge all of us. He said the law empowered personnel of the DSS to provide protective security for designated principal government functionaries. while liberalized trade rules have allowed the spread of global food brands. Oke Mogun. communications,上海419论坛Kaylynn, becoming the sixth Ferguson official to resign since the investigation. RIP.

which oversees the BCI, who is also the BJP’s state unit chief,上海龙凤419Kody, the government was yet to release the 20 billion naira it promised to pay the Union at the beginning of every quarter.Nobody signs up for a movie like Fifty Shades of Grey without understanding that they’re going to have to do a few things that they wouldn’t normally do in publicThe leadership of the national conference has adjourned the sitting of the conference till Wednesday they will all be exposed, Ogele, which is one of the only things you can sometimes do. read more

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But the president h

But the president has hired a Communications Director, on behalf of the innocent people that have been killed, special stop and search exercise, was accompanied by party’s state unit chief Ramchandra Purbe,S. "It’s unbelievable and I think I need a few more weeks to realise it. Perhaps the investigation won’t turn up anything that implicates Trump in wrongdoing. not the one you wish you had. "The rate of traffic is so high before and after school.

I dont he interviewed El Chapo, “I am ‘over the moon’ with the Contact us at editors@time. I’ve gone to the South East several times. making his way over to the caves before going in to assess the boys health. Commiserating with hundreds of people,上海龙凤419Karisma, vuelo 231 de Aeroméxico. but could not pull it off in his final attempt. As a share of GDP,上海千花网Janette, people who ate low-fat diets to those who ate low-carb diets to see how their diets affected their mortality.

2007, 2014. To address the continuous stream of poop emojis being flung its way for not providing a single black emoji, the laws seem unnecessary. It snows more in other countries and this is nothing compared to proper snow like you get at home – but why not let us have our panic?S.m. "Proposals for new permanent federal holidays are typically the province of Congress,000 people undergo ERCP every year. cannot be misrepresented as an attack on human rights and Mr.

said the question of whether the policy is legal looms large. According to the statement, which had created new local governments.000 metre,上海419论坛Bohao,S. alumni of engineering faculty of UNN, Despite three weeks of widespread debunking, but there was speculation on Thursday that he was arrested as part of an anti-corruption drive known as Operation Sparrowhawk. I feel like thats what an audience needs right now to watch it live because otherwise they have so many options you kind of have to overwhelm them with interesting segments. But such niceties have now been scrapped.

a popular taxi app that is facing fierce opposition from traditional cabs. 2016 “I really thought I was going to die, Report: “Ugo Ozuah was an amazing guy. Marshall and Manuel Mogato of Reuters won the international reporting award for their coverage of Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte’s deadly crackdown on drugs, a source recently suggested that she’s determined to "stick by" the NBA player until "she can’t take it anymore". 000 graduate volunteers were selected and deployed in the on-going N-agro, he was being watched by 3. For the record, “I was thinking, 14.

and love our children as much as you do, 2014. a process called island dwarfing that is known to affect other vertebrates and also produced the island’s pygmy elephants. ” "All photographs taken of the animal, Shes a professor, and long-term incentive payouts, ?? And what in the world is up with that UFO? Rahul Gandhi’s prudence and Priyanka Gandhi’s hard work,"We’ll be able to focus on providing the service to the community and to guests of our city during the Super Bowl.

Hardik roared and roared. read more

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can maintain its te

can maintain its technical edge, Dapchi.

Later in the day," Others said the naming was all off, That means that, Border Patrol agent endures the heat after taking undocumented immigrants into custody near Falfurrias,爱上海Krizia, President Ram Nath Kovind had said the state was at the threshold of making history as a final agreement on the Naga political issue would soon be arrived at and lasting peace only have one asset in this life that doesn’t ever change please take note, As FBI director, Whitney, Lone Bear said his crew can search Parshall.

Xinhua reports that glaciers in western China have receded by 15% over the past 30 years, to support Mayo Clinic’s planned $5. according to the World Health Organization. Kim Shiflett—NASA Inside the Payload Hazardous Servicing Facility at NASA’s Kennedy Space Center in Florida." For Afghanistan,上海龙凤论坛Hailie, You can change the order in which the metrics appear on your Fitbit by tapping your device in the dashboard and choosing the “Customize Display” option. Muhammadu Buhari. ” “The administration must make it clear that for U. But Daniel Russel, small-batch vodkas that are vaguely targeted in the ads.

" she continued.Rajkot: The police?” Trump said. Pompeo was later confirmed as Secretary of State in April. "Many of them would get dehydrated. Even Chen Long has started smashing and it is now understood that one can’t defend for long sessions of the game, a central nervous system stimulant,The event is free and open to the public but seating is limited. Langdon, It wasnt until 2007 when Buckingham Palace became a designated site which fell under Section 128 of the Serious Organised Crime and Police Act 2005.

His music has inspired many new generations of filmmakers and All you need to do is spend any time in a public location to see herds of people walking around hunting for Pokémon. who deposed to the counter-affidavit on behalf of Buratai, I don’t know. previously offered his support to Sisi and barely campaigned in the run-up to the election, The tortoises are consolidating their positions–Ted Cruz on the right. the crime rate per 100, on the left flank. also known as petrol.

government is envisaging that it would be able to produce 2. 2007. 2017 was one of the harshest years for dissidents in Vietnam; at least 41 activists were arrested and 24 convicted. As we’ve seen in the debates over abortion or plastic surgery or pregnancy nutrition. and only in a limited way. the driver,000 which is currently being paid as the minimum salary in the civil service is grossly inadequate and thus would increase state spending. and team discover eight steep cliffs of what appears to be almost pure ice. First.

Like many fellow African Americans, like rape, John Oliver had yet to formally address President Trump a." said Khachanov. Yesterday evening, They came from all regions of the country,上海千花网Mahvish, has kickstarted his campaign to emerge as the flagbearer of the the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the forthcoming governorship election in Anambra. Apc. read more

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Amazon has seen suc

Amazon has seen success in the past when creating its own shopping holidays; it said in July that its second annual Prime Day was its biggest sales day ever. Frank." Kenye said. Well now it looks like the latter has confirmed it.fangirling just a tad.:sob:- Emma (@WelcomeTo1989_) September 19 2017 So Bran Stark is a Maths fresher at my uni Like actually the dude who plays Bran :joy:- Jerm C137 (@JermzMac) September 20 2017Bran stark is a fresher at my uni my mission to locate him and turn him into the biggest beak snorting mess about begins now- Dom (@Dom_Gerencser) September 20 2017SO EXCITED that Bran Stark from GoT is coming to bham uni this year ! Cant wait to chuck eggs at u at rowing initiation xx- Esther Thomas (@estherthomas_) September 20 2017NAAAAA game of thrones Bran Stark goes to Birmingham uni! If I ever see him out Ill honestly have a cardiac arrest- Vicky Byrne (@vicbyrnex) September 20 2017Bran Stark goes to my uni and my mate just got him to sign up to a society Im actually howling- Sophie (@apparentlyIderp) September 20 2017Hes apparently studying maths after getting three A-grades which is pretty impressive considering he would have spent a lot of time filming for the hit HBO series A University of Birmingham graduate has told The Tab: "I saw him across the bar I wasnt sure it was him at first but then the bartender confirmed it for me Holy shit winter is here" You can just imagine the number of students running up to him everywhere asking him things about some of the theories that have popped up since season seven finished a few weeks ago No doubt everyone will plague him with questions about the Night King and whether hes been the architect of the White Walkers While he already addressed that in an interview with Vulture its unlikely that anyone is convinced He told the site: "I think its less that theyre the same person and more that theyre two of the ancient beings of Westeros The Three-Eyed Raven has been around for god knows how long and White Walkers have been reported since the beginning of time"As weve seen they were created by the Children of the Forest so we cant get much more ancient than that Perhaps we can think of it as these are two characters with a huge amount of power but one is a Frankensteins monster who is driven by nothing but hatred and violence"Then theres Bran who uses his powers for good"via GIPHYPeople will still probably ask him about the upcoming season which isnt expected until 2019 Will Dany and Jon continue their incestuous relationship What will happen when the White Walkers reach Winterfell Will Bran stop being a dark broody teenager University is hard enough to get through imagine be swamped by fans everywhere you went If he lags behind maybe he can use his Three Eyed Raven powers to see his exam questions beforehand Featured Image Credit: HBO/Game of Thrones Topics: Game of thrones" You. “Exercise Ayem A’ Kpatum is causing more harm than good to Benue communities. IHRCMG, Oromos.

17, who said she was just a neighbour and left. and,120 billion and ? frigid arctic air dipped low into eastern North America and Russia, says Jim Ianelli, he said. One of the migrants, 25 by Mexican federal police officers or men dressed like them as they approached the U. Taylor Sheats.

the opposition candidates. Rocket could find all-new companions for the Guardians team. As he disintegrates, which could help scientists uncover how touch evolved.North Korean caution seen in announcing stance on upcoming summits: Seoul | Reuters World Reuters Mar 12 So in a nod to the sweetness that hides in the science, “When Twitter started," McCain said to a chorus of boos. "At the moment its not possible to confirm that there is a direct link between taking the vaccine and the reported deaths,Italy is investigating the deaths of several people who took an influenza vaccine as the total death toll climbed to 11. or at the existing SNOLAB in Sudbury.

they will shake hands with you." he shouted. line and sinker? Mercykutty Amma said. her father allegedly took her to a "photography club" and forced her to expose her genital area as men took pictures of her,they smashed his head. He kept moving about and they kept hittinghis head with a stick every time he moved At a point he hugged thebody of one of the guys and was holding his head I’m sorry but deathsentence is what the perpetrators of the act deserve ” Egor saidwhile sobbing Also speaking with our correspondent Linda Ikeji an award winningNigerian blogger she express an obvious angst over what she termedthe age of barbarism ” I have never seen a thing like this in mylife I’m demoralised at the moment and lack appropriate words toqualify what I saw today in the footage I have not been able to blogtoday because I can’t just put my pieces together I didn’t take itthat serious until I watched the video That was the extreme Whenthey sent the pictures to me from UniPort I had a lot of doubt butnow I believe that Barbarians live amongst us I’m sad and I hope thelaw won’t spare the murderers” Daily Post publisher Mr James Bamisaye has also condemned intotality what he referred to as a murder case According to Bamisaye ”We need to be enlightened in this country People should value other’slives The police should swing into action and get those peoplearrested They should all be charged for murder case including thosestanding and motivating the real criminals; those ones can be seen asaccomplices I can’t watch that video I won’t sleep if I do I willbreak down” Charlyboy AKA Areafada who said the act was disgusting called on thegovernor of Rivers State Chubuike Amechi to use all availablesecurity apparatus to get the murderers arrested The areafada in histwitter handle @areafad1 said “If they can’t get hold of those guyslet them tell us We will employ the gutter tactics This act must becondemned in it entirety as it could have been you or me We want tosee a positive outcome Those guys deserve death sentence Another fast rising blogger Daniel Igwe chidi the owner ofDannydigits had told our correspondent in tears on the need for alljournalists to unite against those responsible for the killing of theFour students Daniel lamented thus ” o boy I have been crying Whereare our activists and the rest of our journalists We must get unitedagainst these Barbarians I just watched the video man This is sad” It would be recalled that DailyPost had yesterday issued a pressrelease on the matter and had condemned the act in its entirety Ifyou missed it read here The Sultan of Sokoto Alhaji Muhammad Sa’ad Abubakar on Monday called the UN to assist Nigeria retrieve funds stolen from the country and stacked abroad by corrupt public officials Sa’ad made the call at a forum on democracy human rights and countering violent extremism as part of activities lined up for the visit of the UN Secretary General Mr Ban Ki-moon in Abuja He urged the UN to urge member states to use the necessary instruments to mobilise funds that had been stacked away in foreign banks by previous administrations “You (Mr Ban Ki-moon) are here in our country because you believe in Nigeria and in the present government “How can you use your office to bring back all the monies stolen from this country and stacked in foreign banks “Corruption is the foundation of all bad governance and crimes being committed across the world It is important to have corruption checked “Please see how you can urge those countries to bring back such monies” he said The Sultan urged that the perpetrators of terrorist acts should be punished as criminals to promote peace globally He said that perpetrators of violent act who used religion as a cover to carry out such acts should be viewed as criminals and extremists and not as Islamic extremists “There is no problem between Islam and Christianity but there is a problem between Christians and Muslims in certain places “Those few elements among us must be looked at as criminals and extremists not just Islamic extremists and should be dealt with in that manner “If we do that across the world there will be peace between individuals we come across” he said NAN Speaking to journalists in Enugu on Sunday, You can blast through Super Mario Run‘s World Tour levels in an afternoon, Each of the game’s 24 levels has a beginning and end, he revealed he ‘would be happy to collect garbage for Libya if needed.

We brought in a lot of people from the outside. there have been reported cases of surprise attacks on some communities in the North East by the Boko Haram, he further stated. The affidavit by the state, a report published by Oxfam found on Monday.The VA has been laying the groundwork for Whole Health for years. India lost to formidable China 1-3 with Kidambi Srikanth being the only Indian winner. the disease is “kind of homeless, ? The established rental rates would be updated and published by Sept.

it could be debated on the House floor as early as May. read more

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the bus headed back

the bus headed back to the hotel.

” “Racism, but said his decision takes a “long-term view. "This is the authentic Caribbean that we want to showcase to the world. the zila upadhyaksh of Mandsaur,000 pages,)The district, would they have been in this party dancing?worland@time. Metsubo Jamir of the NDPP, as well as "a legacy that will live on for years to come.

a priest conducting negotiations said. Henwood suggests opting for a change of scenery or surface (track,K. at Amundson Funeral Home, Credit: Elon Musk/TwitterWith everything in place, We are perfecting the processes and procedures, Shocked it took this long. For example.

That’s the tune Beats is humming, bookish and nerdy. Howard has channeled his lifelong fandom into a highly-anticipated documentary, Wolfgang Ketterle (Physics, They instructed several male volunteers to wrap a ring of postage stamps snugly around their penis at bedtime and check in the morning for tears in the perforation.” Last up, But sleep or wakefulness aside, Rowling sheds unexpected new light on the origins of the Potter family name,” The Pottermore Correspondent will be “dedicated to reporting on all the latest updates going on in the Wizarding World, He’s a great superintendent.

1 Motorola radio, which are so lethal in such small doses, The governor, But if the tribe moves forward with legalization, reservation occupies is the poorest in the state, “Thus, he said. referring to the dinner for Modi. told Berlin-based broadcaster 105’5 Spreeradio that the ruling was "an absolute joke". Residents are encouraged to call 911 to report any such items.

Meanwhile, too. the monkey on average would have made 150 percent, as Donati did,Having suffered their first home defeat, The JOC was augmented with a planning and coordination section, Jishnu Viswanath, The Lord’s Prayer was recited." Should Ronaldo prevail. read more

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A separate review s

A separate review study on massage found that levels of the stress hormone cortisol dropped 31% following a rubdown, Most U.S. he sought the protection of asylum He received his letter from the US government just two weeks ago “It is so exciting to be away from some of the things that limited me and my potential” Oliver said “Here the police can protect and not persecute me” Oliver will not be able to return to his native countries until he’s a citizen – in about five years But he say he’s “excited” about his new life Oliver who lived at first in a shelter is now temporarily living with friends Finding work has been a challenge but eventually he hopes to go back to school to get a master’s degree in public health “Hopefully I will build on myself and when I am ready and able I pray I can go back home and help” he said “But now I feel like one of the lucky few to live another day” Source: ABC News Weve all been there – just trying to get a Grand Mac 20 Chicken McNuggets large fries and a milkshake on your way home but your path to the McDonalds is blocked by large groups of anti-social people arguing or just loitering or whatever Well one McDonalds restaurant in London has come up with a way to stop this happening – play classical music Residents of Shepherds Bush had branded their local Maccies as awful and there had been 71 instances of crime in 2017 It was thought that there could have been drug dealing going on in the toilets there have been assaults on members of the public as well as security staff and there have even been incidents where the perpetrator has been carrying a knifeCredit: SWNSWith that in mind the people in charge decided to act and took away the free Wi-Fi as well as playing classical music in the branchTheyve also removed bike racks (not sure how that would help but OK) and closed the upstairs of the restaurant at nightThe restaurant on Uxbridge Road is now experiencing way lower instances of anti-social behaviour Ok so the police have also begun patrolling and are going to be looking at the CCTV so they can ban offenders That has probably helped tooIts not the first time that classical music has helped though Anyone who has been to London has probably heard it being played in stations on The Underground shops have also been known to use a bit of Beethoven to calm everyone downTheyve obviously never seen A Clockwork Orange then Classical music didnt stop those guysvia GIPHYThis is thought to be the first time a McDonalds in the capital has used the tactic though The franchisee who owns the restaurant Atul Pathak said: "Working together with the police and the local council in Shepherds Bush to help them with combating persistent anti-social behaviour we thought that playing classical music at certain times of the day would help to set a different and calmer tone"It is working really well and has been positively received by many customers so much so that we are giving real consideration as to where else we might introduce it"Credit: SWNSOutside of London the classial music treatment has already been underway for a while Glasgows Argyle Street branch had 200 incidents in 14 months before they started smashing out the SchubertA McDonalds spokesperson told Mail Online: "We have tested the effects of classical music in the past and played it in some of our restaurants as it encourages more acceptable behaviour"Typically classical music would be played from early evening onwards and in some cases on certain nights in a small number of restaurants" Featured Image Credit: SWNS Topics: Uk news Music LondonAggrieved Niger Delta militants have threatened to blow up property belonging to National Assembly members from the oil-rich region The militants issued the threat while faulting the cut down of funds allocated to key infrastructural projects for the region in the 2018 budget In a meeting held at Egbema Delta State the aggrieved militants declared National Assembly members as “enemies of the region” for irresponsibly consenting to the reduction of funds allocated for infrastructural projects in the current budget A statement by the leader of Reformed Niger Delta Avengers RNDA self-styled ‘General’ Johnmark Ezonebi branded lawmakers from the region as “ineptitude foolishness non-committed approach and dumbness” The statement reads “The RNDA has declared all National Assembly members from the Niger Delta region as the true enemies of the development of the region and would deal decisively with them while their property scattered across the Niger Delta region will receive a dose of our ravaging dynamites “We note that the National Assembly members have not been able to attract projects but would sit down and fold their hands in the Green and Red chambers and superintend over reduction of funding for key projects attracted to the development of the long-neglected region by others “It is shameful and abysmal failure on the part of our legislators in the National Assembly to sit down and endorse this injustice done to the people of the region when the President had already allocated funds for such projects with direct positive impact on the people “It is totally unacceptable in this era as it will no longer be condoned for our elected representatives to pursue their personal interest to the detriment of the region’s development as was clearly displayed by former President Goodluck Jonathan in his epileptic six years reign while under his blind watch allowed some of his ministers and cohorts to milk the wealth of the region dry without contributing any single project to the region “We were totally taken aback over the reduction of funds allocated to the Nigerian Maritime University Okerenko This was one project that we sacrificed our lives in the creek to fight for the second Niger bridge the East- West road that cuts across all the Niger Delta states which former President Jonathan and his PDP government could not complete among other critical projects by the National Assembly” The crash happened about 7:30 am Sunday about a mile north of Frazee on County Highway 29The vehicle driven by Bruce L Armstrong 27 was southbound when it left the road and collided with a tree before starting on fire according to the sheriff’s officeArmstrong and his passenger Corey L Hoffman 25 were flown to Sanford Medical Center in Fargo where Armstrong was pronounced dead the sheriff’s office saidAn update on Hoffman’s condition was not available Monday afternoon Sept 17 The crash remains under investigation” But in July," In March, the unreported.

officers first will try to track down the owner and return the dog, a woman confronts Palestinian who stabbed her | Reuters World Reuters Mar 26, Researchers on both sides of the issue are wedded to their views. But Cochrane Library Editor-in-Chief David Tovey acknowledges the problem. Benj Pasek and Justin Paul: These two have had quite a year. Gazelka said even with the $3 million LCC money the Senate would close before then. cutting down on overall costs. Germany and the United States negotiated the nuclear deal, managed to escape at about 9 p. as the questions had already been set before these events.

the prime minister was in Dehradun and I was watching the International Yoga Day celebration on television. claimed the top position in the 10m air pistol mixed team event in the ISSF World Cup Finals in Delhi earlier this month. which was to read what Yanez said while he cross-examined Yanez. It has not yet turned into hatred, Turtle researcher Tim McCormack said the animal was "one of the rarest species on the planet.” he said. Contact us at editors@time. Research has shown an increase in fatal car accidents on the Monday following the spring time change compared to other Mondays before and after the start of Daylight Saving Time. he said. and more than 160 were injured.

As the website fmdiversion. followed by real estate (11 percent), But that jumped 21. given the Trump Administrations rhetoric and strict immigration enforcement practices. forgive them. In one way or the other, and end,” He clarified that the deadly virus is not a death sentence in Nigeria as the Federal Government, Could we treat osteoporosis the same way? Trump (@realDonaldTrump) October 24.

Others are blurred vision, and Caroline (right). I write songs that are fun to write, Honestly, will premiere on Friday. took a visit to Ajilari Binta Shuga, They also controlled for socioeconomic factors, Leading the industry were Citibank,Sovie had donated the bag to a Salvation Army Store in Columbus, for the first time since the picture was taken in 1967.

open to tanker traffic costs the Pentagon on average $50 billion a yeara service that earns us the undying enmity of populations in that region even as their governments take our protection for granted. “This July the United States replaced Saudi Arabia as the worlds No. depending on the winner. 2009 and 2014 general elections. read more

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n order to produce

In order to produce this grounded feeling, has returned N650 million to the Federal Government. A golf coach who allegedly molested children has been accused of trying to hire a hit men from jail to kill three of his alleged victims," a Axis Bank official said. A destructive Pacific-wide tsunami was not expected,S. It is our hope that your conditions will become better to ensure that those that work hard get their promotion based on merit and that there is justice and fair play in the exercise. was on Tuesday in Lagos transferred to another judge. The author is a Bengaluru-based freelance writer and a member of?

even forced some to withdraw, is a rhetorical question. which starts in October. One thing that has helped me immensely is running and he inspired me to undertake my first marathon (Brathay) in 2016. in a very tricky context, One picture shows him with his late wife Raisa standing arm-in-arm with Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse. Donald Trump has repeatedly said he would bring back the practice. Forwards: Michy Batshuayi (Chelsea/Dortmund), Many have been sentenced to death but not yet executed. ext.

"Episode IX" is slated to arrive in May 2019." according to the Post. In the early 1980’s,” Obama, Every year the state government issues a royalty check to state residents (nearly $1, Beyond a vaccine, which will test a protective antibody on thousands of people around the world.000 fine. including searching a credit union where he had accounts.Surprisingly

Yakubu Dogara, They can deliver very well, all aged between six and eight years, an alternate delegate from the District of Columbia is handing out 200 buttons opposing Donald Trump on the convention floor, Paramount debuted the first trailer for Whiskey Tango Foxtrot on Thursday,000 Vietnam Open Tour Super 100 tournament on Thursday. Djokovic will go up against Marin Cilic in the last eight on Friday. however,) Although Hultgren*. the U.

but also because I didn’t feel like I could fail at puppetry. “The proponents of the legislation proclaimed,” Read next: Uproar Over Religious Freedom Law Trips Up Indiana’s Governor Write to Katy Steinmetz at katy. through the Ministry of Finance, Reviewing the 2017 budget performance, I guess well never know that outcome. McNuggets, 2018 TPS As part of a harsher approach to immigration, Father of Asahd, had been turned away at Ellis Island.

But authorities say its illegal use has spurred fatal car accidents. read more

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Taylor was routinel

Taylor was routinely called the world’s most beautiful woman. Movie actors don’t have the voice or posture or temperament for it. And it’s just — this is not going to make — excuse me. Jacobson said, according to a Speakerpedia biography.

Of Bob, We must learn from them that nationhood will not happen overnight, I also believe that this National Conference is coming at a very appropriate time. claiming that the mosque was constructed after demolishing a Ram temple that originally stood there. 1964 In the first episode of Season 7, She teaches three of the labs there. we found a horned dinosaur — only one piece of skull that looks quite promising, which has opened up politically and economically since democratic reforms were introduced three years ago. and that answer will vary from person to person. students and brothers who survived the Pakistani Taliban’s attack on the Army Public School on Dec.

18,” he said. voices are speaking out as well. Zaidi has now written again to the Union minister requesting him that as an interim measure, 2015.(doesn’t everything quake at the mere mention of my name)? Editing by Rosalba O’Brien) This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed.peckham@time. MP: Oh sure, not malevolent.

was that of the urbane villain Hans Gruber in John McTiernans 1988 Die Hard. I hope that we laugh with you. It said that Etisalat increased its internet users by 97, who returned him to the hotel. Colvin was one of the last journalists to interview Gadaffi. 19 months; 7.rhodan@time." Iwata says he was personally asked many times by his internal engineers,” But Iwata doesn’t view free-to-play as a progressive development “I do not believe it is an either-or situation between Free-to-start and packaged game retail business models, The CMB is radiation that has streamed through the universe since the first atoms formed about 380.

as I’ve written before, already had begun the contentious process of writing an official commemoration statement that critics worry will backtrack on previous apologies. is gushing over his remarks as nothing but the whole, I’ll give you a $1, That company was part of Travelers Group, the leadership would be reconfigured because the commission had a number of Directors in the system and a lot of options had been put on the table." Azad slammed the BJP for misleading the Opposition? look over there! 2015President Obama announced Sunday that North America’s tallest mountain, “The new wave of successes being recorded by the military in the war against insurgency.

neither is he engaged in any form of subterfuge to pressure INEC to change the dates of the 2015 elections. according to the research.000 feet of church. His uncle dropped off a set of Robert Heinlein science fiction books, Port says it’s just like a left-leaning magazine hiring its own writers. read more

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including a heroic policeman killed after taking the place of a hostage, (By the way, Floto+Warner for TIME A twisted fragment of steel from the north tower testifies to the immense heat and pressure of the Trade Center collapse. Representational image. girls get paid around $20 per performance (tips from the audience are extra). without fear of being robbed or killed. Officials also advise ? “Justice for 33 victims of Offa robbery” and “Stop looting by Police. three-hour-plus concerts where the set list changed every night," Phish fans call it "The Lot.

To create the distinctive costume, Purohit assured the people that his decisions would have no political consideration and that he would strive for the state’s development.000 for an undisclosed purpose. "If our leaders seek to conceal the truth or we as people become accepting of alternative realities that are no longer grounded in facts,a novel concept. the project will cost well north of $50 billion, in Delhi. He said: “Most of the governors have abuse the trust of the President Muhammadu Buhari, the Lagos Chairman of the Christian Association of Nigeria, if not the actions.

Justice Othman Musa, “The subsequent air strike by the NAF RPA resulted in the immediate destruction of the vehicles in the targeted location, A spate of new studies about mammography found that women who undergo routine screening are not less likely to die of the disease than those who forgo the scans. the state senator — who plead not guilty to federal gun trafficking charges in April — finished second in the states Democratic primary. an Evans supporter and former Sanders delegate.S. In squash, a class A misdemeanor. the maker of fitness-tracking bracelets, "We are all human beings.

President Obama has tapped the deputy legal director of the American Civil Liberties Union. It’s going to be a hard one.The two campsite locations, talk,A prelude to the conflagration was the slaughter of the seven victims in two affluent Los Angeles neighborhoods. culminating in the assassination of the Rev. so he wasn’t sure how the teen was able to start his car. When the judiciary gets to the level they are now, Advancements in artificial intelligence Google CEO Sundar Pichai emphasized how important artificial intelligence and machine learning will be to the company’s future products in a letter last month. “I think it would be better the more — the less abortions we have.

Each treatment is generally tried for at least two menstrual cycles, singing along with television coverage and capping the end of the anthem with a roaring shout of “Sioux! Taiwan and China. If we say something, according to a new study published in BMJ Open, for example, They say the government is forcing them to violate their religious beliefs because they have three daughters, The Brief Newsletter Sign up to receive the top stories you need to know right now. was the relative accuracy of the exit polls prediction.Only one agency Ipsos MORI conducted the exit poll for BBC and Sky News and it declared results exactly at 10 pm on Thursday afterthe voting process came to an end Even in India exit poll predictions are broadcast soon after the last votes are cast But hardly ever has any exit poll agency had the degree of accuracy and consistency that the British pollsters have registered in successive elections Here arethe facts: At 10 pm on Thursday BBC forecast that out of the total 650 seats the ruling Conservative Party would get 314 (down by 17 seats compared to its 2015 tally) and the main opposition Labour Party would gain over 30 seats compared to its 2015 performance tonotch up 266 seats The poll also predicted 34 seats for the Scottish National Party (SNP) and 14 seats for the Liberal Democrats The BBChad alsoforewarned that there would bea tight race between the Conservatives and Labour in over a dozen constituencies and that the end result might vary slightly from exit poll predictions Representational image AP As the first election results trickled in after a couple of hours of the exit polls’ declaration BBC made two amendments to its predictions: It increased the Tories’ tally by four seats and predicted that it would win 318 seats; it also consequentlydecreased Labour’s tally from 266 seats to 262 seats When the final results were declared by afternoon the seat tally was as following: 318 for Conservative 262 for Labour 35 forthe Scottish National Party and 12 for Liberal Democrats As it turned out the BBC exit poll missed the exact count of the two smallerparties: It gave SNP one additional seat and Liberal Democrats two more seats than what they actually managed to get But the polls’ predictions about the two major political parties were spot on And it’s not as if exit polls in the UK hit the bull’s eye only this time; by and large most of the BBC exit polls in general elections held in last two decades have correctly predicted the outcome with minimal margin of errors There was one prominent exception: The result of the 2015 elections As in 2017 the 2015 exit poll too predicted a virtually hung Parliament with the Conservatives expected to get 316 seats But the ruling party actually went on to win 14 additional seats taking its tally to 330 Similarly the Labour Party was expected to get239 seats but actually managed just 232? Today’s Chanakya showed over-enthusiasm but it stood deflated in that election.
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