The World Cup in Downhill on Lošinj is an ideal opportunity to promote the entire Kvarner region as a bike friendly destination

first_imgAt the annual congress of the World Cycling Organization (UCI) held in Lausanne, Switzerland on November 30 and December 1, 2017, the island of Lošinj presented itself as the host of the first World Cup race in Downhill.Namely, from 21 to 22 April 2018, 1,8 km long trails and lookouts of the island of vitality, three hundred participants will compete in the extreme downhill cycling race World Cup 2018. – Downhill Lošinj therefore Lošinj, as well as the Kvarner region, in this congress they recognized the opportunity to present themselves to the target audience as bike destinations. World cup- Downhill Lošinj is considered a unique race considering that the competitors will pedal through the urban area which will be the first case in the World Cup.The World Cup in Downhill on Lošinj next year is one of the largest sporting events in Croatia in 2018 and an ideal opportunity for the tourist promotion of Lošinj and the Kvarner region as a bike friendly destination for visitors and spectators around the world. It is also an opportunity to use the many trails, forest roads and obstacles interesting to cyclists in the best way – through health and sports, ie the development of cycling tourism on the island of Lošinj. Also, this is about activating dead property, ie space, which will be given new value in this way. The most important thing in the whole story is that approximately 60 million cyclists travel the world, and they are 30% more consumers than other guests. Smart enough.And what the race looks like, see in a short video when testing the track.Peter Van den Abele Sports Director and General Manager for Offroad and Simon Burney General Coordinator of the World Cycling Organization (UCI) for Cross Country Mountain Bike are extremely pleased with the presentation of the island of Lošinj and preparatory work that is invested in the attractiveness of the trail. on the coast, and competitors pass through an urban area. This is exactly why the Lošinj downhill track is special and the only one in the World Cup. This world event will be supported by Red Bull Media House live broadcast and 19 television companies that will buy the broadcasting rights. Thanks to them, the race will be shown in 99 countries, and it is expected to be watched live by more than two million spectators. It is very important how the race is held in the pre-season, in the month of April, when Lošinj is otherwise without tourists.However, a broader context should definitely be added to this story and we should see how to make the most of the race, both through the participants and through the large media reach of the event, and not just once. Everything that is unique, lasts that long, and this is exactly the opportunity to promote the entire Kvarner region as a bike friendly destination.As in sales, the goal of everything is to bring customers to the salon, because that is 80% of sales. Why? Because potential customers are already interested in your product or service, they are in your controlled conditions, from the color of the walls, music, a beautiful and great salon, and they are there to sell them an additional story through direct sales to one another. . shopping. So in tourism, figuratively, in three months we have customers in our salon, ie on the Adriatic. They are enchanted, they love it, they enjoy it and we just have to sell them a good enough story and motive to come out of season.In the case of Lošinj, in fact the whole of Kvarner, through the Downhill race we should set a good strategy on how to communicate well and who to contact in order to extend the season, with the same or similar motive for coming. The whole of Kvarner has an excellent base for both active tourism and cycling with hundreds of kilometers of marked trails.Photo: Kvarner.hrWhen you look at the map above like this, only then do we see how much potential there is in the whole story, as well as another proof of how it is necessary to brand the regions, and not each tourist destination separately. How many tourist stories are just inside this map, all connected by bike. Of course, apart from the main motive through cycling tourism, the story only spreads through other various tourist products, from accommodation, gastronomy, culture, etc.… rounded tourist product. Of course, without the synergy of all tourism participants, there will be nothing from the whole story, but it is only a matter of the human factor and whether or not we want to develop tourism strategically and sustainably.Related news: PROMOTIONAL FILM FOR PROMOTION OF FREE CLIMBING IN ISTRIA PRESENTED<br />
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